Night Prayer: Why I consider it important

Night prayer has become such an important prayer for me before going to bed. All prayer offered before retiring to sleep for the night is wonderful but the highest of them all is the one prayed from the Divine Office which is the official prayer of the Church. When you pray this office you pray in unison with the entire Church around the world especially the monastics and clergy who use it most.

Why do I consider it so important? Think of it as a last goodbye to Jesus. It’s the last time I get to pray as I may go to bed and close my eyes for the very last time never to open them again, at least not in this dark world. We brush our teeth and sometimes our face and hands before going to bed. Why, then, should we neglect to wash our soul for what may possibly be the last time in this so-called waking world? When we stand before The Lord, what will he say about our appearance before Him?

Blessing: The Lord grant us a quiet night and a perfect end.

That’s the last ”request” you’ll make and I invite you along with me to try and make it count.

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