Why Do Catholic Parents Ban TV?

turned off vintage CRT television

I’ve never managed to understand why parents do this to their kids. Ban public TV? Yes….makes sense. Ban ALL TV, including what can be monitored by the parents? Makes no sense at all.

Some Catholic parents want to live a puritanical life where all TV, radio and internet is banned. I think they’re doing their children an incredible disservice by removing them from things they should be mastering at an early age in order to evangelize others in the future and denying them just one more great tool for learning. Such modes of communication exist and we need to use them for our (and the worlds) benefit.

I just think that some people make Catholicism look like a place where we wear hairy shirts all day and roll around in the ashes whilst flagellating ourselves for daring to look at a juicy steak. Trust me, it’s not that at all and I hope that some of the parents learn that there’s no benefit in becoming one of the Amish.


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