Political Catholics And The True Rebellion

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Many Christians have a desire to politicize the faith and to portray even Jesus and the apostles as some sort of political figures who ”dealt with the bankers of their time”. Nothing could be further from the truth as Jesus and the apostles were far above this and their every action of greater theological significance. This is not to deride the political playing field as many Catholics are needed in it, but to fall into the bottomless pit where one sees it as the sole solution to all our woes would be grossly incorrect.

These Theo-political Catholics, often at times the victims of their Mother or Fathers upbringing, think that developing news or political groups that highlight the problem will make it go away. Unfortunately many fail to understand that sitting around a table with a cup of tea on YouTube and moaning about the problem will not make it go away. In addition to this, their reluctance to accept they are now small in number as in the times of St.Benedict, that different times call for different strategies is equally nauseating.

What I’m getting at is the true rebellion is not to do what Jordan Peterson and many religious are known to do, which is to highlight in a legitimate manner the problem. The real rebellion is those who come with a solution to the problem by transforming oneself into another Christ. Even Jordan has the understanding correct when he himself admits that the solution will not come from the political establishment but from the individual. In the same way, then, from a Catholic point of view the truth is that the solution will come through God by our co-operation with Him.

What I’m saying to Christians is not to avoid politics at all costs, but simply to go into it with the understanding that it doesn’t solve problems and not to use the Church as a pedestal to advance your political career. It’s nothing new that the Church has always rebuked those who act in such ways.

I am saying that we should learn when to throw in the towel in certain situations and I’ll give you an example. Take for instance the recent debate surrounding sex education not just in Ireland but California. Their plan is to teach 8 year olds about pornography. It’s hideous and it should be talked about but where’s the solution? We don’t have one because we are small in number and simply complaining about it is like the flea shouting in the elephants ear. . . it echoes for miles with not an ear to offer sympathy.

These people and their dark approach will eventually get what they want, so the solution is to take your children out of the school and begin to home school them. There are a lot of parents who will look at that statement and presume their existing financial or work situation bars them from doing so but there are means and ways. I don’t want to get into a rant about the solution to that problem but simply to highlight how Catholics really think they’re doing good when all they’re doing is shadow boxing. . . in the dark. . . with no light and solution to get out of the room in sight.

Now is the time to be part of the new rebellion, that is, the one which seeks to strive for the highest calling of self transfiguration through the help of God who alone has the power to transform those who seek it with faith.


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