The Two Types Of Christian

Not communing with God

There are two types of Christian according to St.John Chrysostom on part of his homily on the Gospel of Matthew.

Jesus takes, for instance, the apostles away from the crowds that he may have a word with them privately and the apostles from the beginning have followed him to hear his every word. The others, as St.John describes them, are merely gazers of miracles and are of the ”grosser sort” of person.

The apostles not being gazers became hearers or those who chose to follow the Lord not to gaze upon miracles but to hear something higher. Many of us want to follow prophets and seers today only because we want to see the strange that we may calm our skeptical mind and be awestruck by the supernatural, because the natural is all we’ve ever known.

People keep telling their stories of how they’re going to Medjugorje in the hopes of witnessing a miracle of a spinning sun etc etc. Some follow the wonderful Vassula Ryden in the hopes she will say something new, strange or just knock them out in the Spirit. Yet, those who read True Life In God messages will discover that we are called to much more than this.

After all these strange and miraculous events take place, people go home unchanged, not going to mass or confession and no change of heart within them has occurred. It’s like when Jesus performed the miracle of healing the 10 lepers and only one came back to give thanks. How many of us, having received something we asked for from the Lord, actually follow him and like the apostles sought something higher?

Do we really want to be numbered among the ”grosser sort” or the ”gazers” of miracles only? Or should we exert ourselves to the higher virtue of living a True Life In God? Do we really want to become like the 9 ungrateful lepers who missed out on the higher healing and deliverance from the leprosy of the soul? God is reaching out his hand but with our superficial way of life, we are saying ”no”.

We need to become more than gazers of miracles and healing, and seek the higher healing of the soul which is to become a new person, crucified to the old.

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