Types Of Women Catholic Men Should Avoid

I’ve seen so many women and men alike think that the biggest component to a stable marriage is a good career. That is so far from the truth. Only those whose Catholic marriages broke down after 5-25 years, that had lots of comfort and money, can tell you careers do not lead to a long lasting marriage.

I know one day my sons are going to choose a vocation. I’m going to have to advise them on what exactly is marriage material and what isn’t (should they choose that route). What should they look for in a woman and what they should avoid?

Not every woman that carries the label ”Catholic” and goes to Mass every Sunday and says her rosary is marriage material. There are Catholic women out there who like to think of themselves as feminine when they are anything but this.

One of the biggest red flags would be a woman who loves to publicly speak. She’s a public speaker, she’s into politics and loves to get involved in any righteous act that gives her a platform to speak aloud the truth. A woman of this sort is a tomboy, and although she’s striving to do a good work, is not overall an evil person though it’s better for her if she remain single and continue to do that, than get married.

I’m speaking generally here as there’s always an exception to the rule, but headstrong women often love careers as solicitors, politicians or teachers. They love to choose even very public pious work that puts them on a stage to speak in front of others and be the social activist. All of this is very very good and these professions worthy of having females in them, but rarely . . .And I really want to stress this. . . rarely do marriages every work out or sail calmly through life with little trouble than with a woman of that sort.

People who choose these professions are often embarrassing loud mouths who absolutely demand control of the household and all that takes place there. If they do marry, it’s often to a weak nerdy type of man of androgynous character, which often explains perhaps why the marriage lasts so long in some of these bizarre cases. I say this because if they marry a real man full of that testosterone and a born leader, there will be no doubt clashes in the marriage. The reason for this is because both are trying to control and take the lead. That kind of hostile environment I would advise any man to avoid let alone my sons.

”But dad, she loves the Church, goes to Mass, says her rosary, and….” I know I’m going to hear this one day to which I will gladly respond, ”And does she love to get up into peoples face, confidently pronounce the truth and is she a natural born leader?” ”Yes dad”….”Then get rid of her quick son, trust me you don’t want 50-60 years of that nonsense.”

A woman who Loves the Lord is good, but also a woman who honors her husband, is quiet and non confrontational, (for confrontation is a masculine trait) is the ideal person. Stay away from women who don’t dress like women but walk around in football jerseys with hoodies and trainers. What type of work does she do? If she’s into nursing, social care or helping those with intellectual disabilities that’s a good sign she’s a good woman for these are all feminine interests and traits.

However if she’s very intellectual, into politics, economy, criminal law, public speaking (however noble) then take my advice and run an absolute mile for all these professions and interests are masculine traits. Women like that are better off single they must have their husbands tortured. Trust me so many marriages go through immense difficulties under such circumstances.

What I am saying is nothing new but the teaching of God himself for in proverbs he advises us that ”It is better to live in a desert land than with a quarrelsome and fretful woman. ” (proverbs 21:19). And quarrels is all you will have with a headstrong woman.

Marry any other woman rich or poor who cares? I don’t but stay away from the Catholic tomboy religious type, you will rue the day you walk down the aisle with something like that. . . believe me.


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