Irish Priest Fr.Hoban: Young Priests Should Not Preach To Older Men

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On a recent interview to midwest radio on a program called ”faith alive”, Fr.Hoban talked about the rigidity behind young priests which he felt was spiritually damaging to the community.

Without going into too much detail, he simply lamented the young priests of today who are very strict and remind him of the bad old days when priests actually laid down the law for people the way they would have done when he was a child.

He went on to say the peoples life sitting in the pew is grey not black and white and the young priests are telling them it’s black and white so ”what is this young fella on about” they’re saying ”my life is grey”.

He said because of their inexperience in life ”somebody at 30 years of age can’t pontificate to somebody who is 70 or 80”. He goes onto criticize young priests who wear the black cassock in knock as a sign of ”rigidity”. He associates the priestly uniform as something they wear as an excuse to exercise an authority and to lord it over people. The interview is incredibly the worst I’ve ever heard.

All of this was in response to the question about Pope Francis asking Bishops to be careful of ordaining young priests who are too rigid, but rigidity in the eyes of Pope Francis and rigidity in the eyes of hippy folk theologians are two very different things.
In the eye’s of the hippy theologians, praying your rosary or being seen actually refusing to laugh at one of their inappropriate dirty jokes is construed as too ”rigid”. Always having reference to the Magisteriums official infallible interpretation of scripture is far too rigid.

Furthermore the idea that young men can’t preach to older men is something St.Paul already addressed to St.Timothy when he said that he shouldn’t allow people to disregard him because of his youth. It’s the priests job whether ordained at the age of 18 – 30 years of age to preach to the people the truth whether or not they like it. The scriptures tell us that old age doesn’t guarantee you wisdom so his statement as absolutely bizarre.

Here is what’s actually happening Fr.Hoban, young priests are now showing up with the courage to preach their faith and get rid of the ”grey” area and show people that yes some things……some things…. are black and white and that in the Kingdom of God there can never ever be a grey area only whats right and what’s wrong.

The only grey thing I see are all the heads of old theologians who have not let go of their ”pop theology” and are dying out. They are being replaced now by the new young priests. Therefore all these complaints of ”rigid priests” are nothing but the dying last scream of Satan as they fade away confined to the history books of people who destroyed the Church and were to blame for the loss of so many souls.

Here is a question I have for the entire Irish clergy of today. When are we going to hear from you the instruction to Bishops to watch out for priests who are too ”loose”, priests who don’t take the faith seriously. Seminarians who are using gay and heterosexual dating apps, getting drunk at parties and arriving back to their dorms just in time for breakfast?

No, but we shall focus only only on the rigid, they’re to blame for everything. Believe me, I know what rigid is as does the Pope, but it’s a far cry from what the folk theologian Fr.Hoban assumes it to be.

You can listen to the full interview here and it’s about 10 minutes into the program.


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