Roman Catholics Disrespect For Eucharist Of Major Concern

This morning while attending daily Mass I witnessed the recent formation of children who had made their Holy Communion and were attending their Mass to begin the new school year.

With the exception of 1 child all took on their hands and one child even snatched it from the priests hands not even bothering to make the pose most Catholics do. In such a case I would have called that child before he consumed it and took the Eucharist back and telling him he won’t be admitted to the Holy mysteries again until he gets it right.

Unfortunately priests are afraid to scold children for fear of offending people who harbour an existing stereotype about the churches past dealing with the abuse crisis.

Priests are also afraid to admonish adults as one man in a video I saw put the Eucharist in his pocket and neither the congregation nor the priest did anything about it.

Children to a certain degree are given certain amounts of leeway because of their youth and ignorance, the blame really resting with those involved in their formation and the priest over looking the situation.

But for an adult to do this without nobody to admonish him not even from the pew is deplorable.

The lack of care for the actual Flesh and Blood of Our Lord is really bad in the Catholic Church to the point where people serious about their faith are even wondering whether or not they’re in the right Church?

For when they are witness to how great care the Orthodox give to Our Lord who are not even in full communion with us, how can they not want to go elsewhere?

Less and less importance is being given the Eucharist as Our Lady in Garabandal instructed us. Today theologians are even removing the tabernacle from it’s centre place and off to the side claiming it’s a liturgical distraction. Imagine calling Our Lords mystical presence in the Holy tabernacle a distraction?

Can a priest who is witness to the king of kings falling to the dirty ground call himself a priest? I have complained to the Bishop in the past but it always falls on deaf ears. All does not go unheard in heaven though, and God has heard my complaint and has been witness to my complaint. He will hold all to account for this may God have mercy on them.


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