The Death of Catholic Journalism

Image by JL G from Pixabay

False Journalism

In recent years the birth of independent online media has exploded. While it may be a nice thought to have news sources other than the government paid ones who tell us what they think we should hear, it has brought with it many demons that have polluted the good intent.

On the secular level, many sites have arisen calling themselves journalists both on the extreme right and extreme left of the political spectrum. They’ve developed these sites that report on real news but also ones that either ignore certain truths or build a narrative that fuels their political agenda.

I’ll give you a prime example of this. On the subject of migrants making their way here from other countries, some “journalists” on the left encourage an open border policy, and that people from Islamic nations propose no threat to western values. Anyone who disagrees with that is a racist and a bigot.

To the right they encourage a completely closed border policy with strict immigration laws and don’t want anyone from the islamic culture living in Europe and beyond. Anyone who disagrees with that view is an anti-European dreadlocked hippy leftist who should get themselves an education.

Authentic Journalism

Authentic journalism has become obscured mostly as a result of original sin where by the person chooses oneself over and above God and the truth. Left and extreme right ideologies within a person become more apparent when in addition to orginal sin, personal sin removes a sense of clarity from the soul tempting it either to the right or the left. That analysis may seem like a dreadful over simplification but trying to cram everything into a blog post that doesn’t look like a 300 page novel isn’t easy.

What exactly is, then, the legitmate approach to reporting upon the migrant crisis? It is one that very simply reports the facts as they present themselves. It is where both sides of the debate on any given topic, not just the migrant issue, are given an equal hearing that we may be able to do a bit of digging and reach an appropriate solution. This kind of unbiased reporting in the absence of the journalists personal belief and existing persuasion on the issue is very rare these days.

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Catholic Medias Role In This

Just as God does not have regard for your religious, political and financial status, loving all equally, so too does the devil not have regard for any of these and is active and hates all people from every background, there’s no discrimination.

Unlike the secular world, the Catholic world has been infiltrated by the same journalistic process that pursues an agenda. In the secular world leftism is making progress in their attraction of an audience, but in the Catholic world it is the right wing of the Church making all the paces.

In particular, it is mostly the English speaking countries with America taking the crown that have taken up arms against Pope Francis. American/Canadian media outlets such as EWTN, lifesitenews and Michael Voris have in recent years become the head of an extreme right wing agenda, that seemingly targets the Pope as some sort of leftist globalist out to destroy the Church.

These organizations have possibly become prey to wealthy Catholic donors heavily invovled in the American political process who are likely using them to spread this narrative.

Catholic careerism is a real thing and there are people in the Church using it to secure for themselves a profitable career where they can sit back and enjoy having a Catholic job without fear of having to work in the real world. People pursuant of a noble career and require the favour of those who offer it within the church, will often compromise every value they previously had about the Pope in order to continue riding the gravy train.

Like shrewd businessmen they watch how the persuasion of their paid subscribers are going, how the entire Catholic media has shifted into the Anti Pope Francis movement and they fall in line for fear of losing out on their cash flow of subscribers. Yes, indeed the devil is in the detail.

Whenever such sites are challenged on their position they simply either delete your comment from their social media pages or respond that they’re just reporting the facts. A closer look, however, reveals that to be the opposite.

Take for example lifesitenews and Church Militant who almost always report on the Popes failures in a particular area only but never report on his successes? This only serves as evidence of how the personal and biased political stances has creeped into the Catholic media world where they follow one narrative only.

Like the servant in the Gospel who has become tired and bored waiting upon his masters return to deal with the mess that has been tormenting the Church now for decades, they set about looking for someone to blame and begin to take a stick and beat and mistreat the Pope and his servants.

We have dealt with the extreme left and extreme right of journalism but what about the mediocre lukewarm information services that do no digging whatsoever on the truth? These exist also and in my country a prime example is the ”Irish Catholic”. This newspaper going since the 50’s have always been nothing but an information service for the local diocese. Whenever the bishops scold them for attempting to do any digging whatsoever they fall in line. An example of this was Bishop (He’s a Cardinal now) Timothy Dolans visit to Ireland in 2010 to look for heresy in Maynooth seminary.

I had personally written to the Bishop before he came to Ireland that it wasn’t just Maynooth but Mater Dei institute also who employ theologians purporting to be doctors of the faith spreading heresy such as ”women being priests”. These were no small fish but the actual organizers of the entire program. He responded that just prior to his visit my letter was of great help to him. He arrived, Irish Catholic ran a headline that he found heresy in Maynooth and then rescinded it the next week with an apology that they ran a false story and no heresy was found to be taught there.

Every single Catholic on this green island know that to be a lie and maynooth to be the most demonic seminary in the western world. This just proves that the journalists over at the Irish Catholic are bought and paid for, and are too scared to rock the boat and do what real journalists do which is a bit of digging for the truth. The love for their career consumes their ability to abandon their position in pursuit of truth.

When we read the stories of Saints who were Martyred for the faith, we see people willing to forgo their career, their wealth, their noble position in society. We see Holy men and women who couldn’t be bought and paid for and would gladly suffer the consequences and face a mortal death than compromise the truth. Sadly, in Catholicism today the same cannot be said and many are cowards who keep their head down, avert their eyes and look the other way for fear of losing their position of nobility in Catholic careerist circles.

Let Us Surmise

We have examined the secular world with all its problems but also the Catholic world with its significant issues that are the cause of the ruin of so many souls.

The extreme left, the extreme right and the lukewarm mediocre journalists of the Catholic faith are all using the Church to foster a love for a false god that is deaf and dumb to their prayers. ”Thou shalt have no other gods before me” yet many have made for themself the idol of the career in which they sacrifice their conscience to in order to continue carrying the little sack of gold on their backs. What will they say on the day of Judgment when held to account for allowing themselves to become prey to all these ideologies that they may indulge in what is here today and gone tomorrow?

Let us pray for Pope Francis and all those who persecute him. Let us pray for those using the Church as a means to secure for themselves a stable financial future at the cost of truth itself.


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