Greta Thunberg: How Dare You Allow Yourself To Be Used By The Elite Class

Image result for greta thunberg and the nazis

Greta Thunberg is the lefts new political tool to achieve their goals. The left seem to repeatedly be making the same old strategies since the days of Adolf Hitler.

The problem is that the lefts message is so darn boring, that to get people to become more interested in the new adventure that benefits them, they must popularize the topic. The mainstream media and the entire arts industry has always, like good little foot soldiers, remained ever ready to help aid that process.

In Irelands referendum on abortion for example, so gruesome was the topic of killing a child in the womb, they tried to make it look ”trendy” that a woman gets to kill an innocent life. They did this by developing T-shirts, using popular Irish hollywood actors to tell the people what they think, and how they should vote.

Most of Irelands young people were on board with this new hip craze to vote for killing babies so they’re the most vulnerable. Their minds have not yet formed, no life experience, and yet the poltical left in every English speaking country want the voting age reduced from 18 to 16. The reason for this is because young people, having not travelled through life, and who are still trying to figure themselves out never mind the adultworld, are more susceptible to following the liberal lefts ideaologies.

It is, therefore, in every liberals interest to ”get the kids on board” because real adults with an education and life experience, are much more difficult to gain votes from. This is exactly what is happening with Greta Thunberg, whose carefully scripted words, and bad acting skills have become the centre of attention by the political left.

To take a young child and groom her in such a way as to cause her such mental stress about a topic for an adult world, is a crime going unnoticed by most of the trendy culture, who seemingly have fallen once again for the tune of the liberal pied piper.

If the left cannot persuade you or overcome you in a debate, usually they resort to insults or, in this case, manipulate your emotions using children and celebrities. Rather than use real logical arguments, they invent slogans like ”Save the Amazon” or ”My body my choice” to play on a persons feelings, manipulating them into overriding their common sense and accepting the liberal train of thought. That’s the left tactic in a nutshell.

My personal view is that global warming is not man made and a natural process. The only one of many challenges I see facing today’s culture regarding the ecosystems of the planet is our treatment of it. I do believe our behaviour towards nature effects how nature responds in such violent ways, but the idea that it’s affecting the earths temperature is nonsense. What Greta needs to do is go back to school and enjoy the young years she has. The left, however, are determined not to allow that to happen. Instead, they are only too happy to deprive Greta of her childhood in pursuit of good business and a secure pension.

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