Veganism…Is It Healthy?

Image by Sabrina Ripke from Pixabay 

What Is Veganism?

A vegan diet is a plant-based diet, consisting of vegetables, nuts, grains, fruits and new foods derived from a plant-based source. If you’re planning on going Vegan, it’s crucial to take into account several guidelines about its pros and cons before diving in to take a bite. 

The Studies That Make Sense 

I read the studies by Doctor Michael Greger, author of “How not to die”, of people who had reversed entirely illnesses related to high blood pressure. By merely altering their diet to a plant-based one, Dr.Greger had wholly changed heart-related diseases such as high blood pressure for example.

I was in no doubt that the modern menu was not a healthy one, and his book made an incredible impression upon me. A dairy, meat-free lifestyle seems like a good option. Did I take the advice and switch diets? No, I didn’t. As intriguing as his book was and the studies he’d performed, I’d continue my bad habits for some years. 

That was all going okay until one day I’d been dropped a bombshell by the doctor. She explained to me that my cholesterol was very high, at 8.4 (European measurement). She wasn’t a fan of offering medication on the spot but presented me with the opportunity to change my diet and lifestyle. 

The Cure

One day I was reading a cookbook by the Monks of Mount Athos. They belong to the Greek Orthodox Church and are famous for their closeness to God and extreme asceticism. Their diet is vegan for 12 weeks a year during holy fasts with the rest of the year being entirely meat and dairy-free. 

I decided I’d follow the diet except for only taking one fillet of steak a week and on a Thursday. I was curious to see what would happen. Within 5-7 weeks on this diet, my cholesterol went from 8.4 to 5.4. That was almost half of something that would typically take months to reduce by any other means in the absence of medication. 

The reason for this is because a diet with the lack of meat and dairy products usually contains less saturated fat, which explains the low cholesterol levels. I understood how Dr.Michael achieved experiments that saw the whole reversal of illnesses related to the heart.

Vegans Are Unto Something But…Something is amiss

I do believe that people who promote a vegan diet are onto something, but a part of me is not entirely convinced. Our bodies require certain micronutrients to keep our bodies on track. These supplements include but may not be limited to, vitamin D, iron, vitamin B12, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. 

Vegans have to take additional supplements to get all of these micronutrients. This information alone is enough for me to recognize veganism as an unnatural imbalanced diet. Are the monks of Mount Athos behaving unnaturally? I don’t believe so. Their vegan diets are not long term which would indicate only short term use. 


In my opinion, a diet that cuts out the regular intake of meat and dairy products will be beneficial to those of us who are suffering illnesses related to the heart. Incorporating such diets into our daily lives help to reduce our cholesterol naturally. 

Veganism seems to contradict itself because it claims to be a natural diet while in the meantime taking unnatural means to obtain necessary micronutrients. For this reason alone, veganism is a strange and unhealthy solution but a diet that teaches us something about the state of our unbalanced modern intake of bad food. 

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