8 Jobs Famous People Had Before Becoming Famous

Orlando Bloom – Clay Pigeon Trapper

Image result for Orlando bloom
source: Metro

Keanu Reeves – Paper boy & Shelf Stacker

Keanu Reeves – Paper Boy & Shelf Stacker

Image result for Keanu reeves
source: Guardian

Morgan Freeman – Fighter Pilot

Image result for morgan freeman used to be a fighter pilot
source: public domain

Pope Francis – Nightclub Bouncer

Image result for pope francis used to be a nightclub bouncer
source:public domain

Sir Sean Connery – Milkman

Image result for Sir Sean Connery milkman
source: Explore Talent

Billy Connolly – Welder

Image result for billy connolly's first job
source: Irish Times

Tom Cruise – Trained To Be Catholic Priest

Image result for tom cruise first job
source: wikipedia

Oprah Winfrey – The Local Grocery Store

Image result for Oprah winfrey's first job
source: the job network

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