Screenings Of The Joker In California Cancelled Over “Credible Threat”

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Controversial movie that depicts the making of the joker is cancelled in California by two theatres following a credible threat cited by local police. They did not explain, and the people in attendance moved away from the area. 

Movies like this seem to bring out the creepy and deranged of society. It begs the question, should great films like this be pulled because they inspire others to violence? It would seem that we live in a world that blames the gun, video game or movie for acts of real violence

There are, in my opinion, credible reasons to believe that while the person is to blame for their actions, an unhealthy psychological diet of violent games can trigger an already existing condition. I also think that it would be inappropriate to say that such movies and video games in excess, don’t generate problems for the currently psychologically well balanced. 

Violent movies, music and video games do affect us all regardless of psychological make-up. The more vulnerable seem to be young children and adolescents whose minds are like a sponge. When I was a young teenager, and the Movie Gladiator first appeared on our screens, 20 of us youths went to see it. 

When the movie ended, and we exited the theatre, I always remember the mood of my friends and recall a lot of aggression. Some youths would start play fighting with one another, and their energy levels were higher than before they entered the theatre. Indeed, a persons psychological make-up becomes formed in their most vulnerable and formative young years. There may be exceptions to the rule, but in most cases, behaviour such as this seems to be the norm. 

You mean to say that watching a movie or playing a video game never once shifted or triggered your emotions? We’ve all cried, laughed, felt angry and down after listening to music or watching that movie. The premise of art is to elicit feelings within us. Its purpose is to take the person and give them an emotional experience to bring them up and then down again. 

It makes sense then, to conclude that if we consume too much depressing movies, we will be more inclined to suffer depression. They’re not to blame for the unhappiness; we are because our imbalanced, unhealthy consumption of the same thing over and over can cause it. 

In this way, one can transition from being a very peaceful, loving person to an angry, deranged person just by consumption of too much violence. While having an existing mental medical condition can inspire a person more readily to violence, I’m convinced that many of these already deranged people are the victims of their upbringing. They were once healthy people like me and you who allowed themselves to indulge to an unhealthy extent, the darkest side of the brain. 

Although other factors play a role in one’s journey through life in the making of a sociopath, we can conclude that the real problem here is peoples emphatic attention to such a violent industry, and not the other way around. Yes, the industry plays an influence, but the real blame lies with us.

Do you disagree? Let us know in the comments. 

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