Donald Trump Insults The Kurdish

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Donald Trump insults the Kurdish by pulling his troops out of Syria. He goes further with the insult by saying he shouldn’t help them because they never helped America in the second world war. If it were not for the Kurds, the fight against ISIS would have looked very different. 

To expect a tiny ethnic group to land with you at Normandy, and to refuse them help on this basis is ridiculous. You were willing to help arm and fund so many other groups that didn’t land with you at Normandy. Oh …but…wait…they were beneficial to you in your desire to secure oil right? 

What has taken place here in America using people to fight their battles and then dumping them? It’s like a womanizer who has sex with all these women promising them the moon and the stars only to drop them a few weeks later. 

America wouldn’t enter world war II until they got bombed. Now that it’s directly affected them, they become involved. They’re continually meddling in the middle east to secure oil for themselves often giving us sob stories that they’re “there to rescue the people from ISIS”. There’s ISIS also in Africa such as the Boko Haram, why aren’t America wiping them out? Because there’s nothing of financial interest there, that’s why. 

The American government are users plain and straightforward. Trump is willing to abandon these people who had his back. He will allow them to fall into the hands of ethnic cleansing Turkish forces, but why? There must be a financial reason behind every decision America makes in the middle east. We will have to wait until the story unfolds, but we know it’s always going to be in their favour. 

One thought on “Donald Trump Insults The Kurdish

  1. America helped Europe before Pearl Habour with logistics. It was kept quiet as Roosevelt feared a domestic backlash. Trump has violated an ally and now unleashes new horror. Other dictators are now empowered by the idiot.


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