Psychopath- Are You One? Take The Test

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

I think it’s complicated to define a psychopath directly from the traits provided in this article. In life, people exhibit these behaviours because it’s part of their fallen genetic make-up. However, if a person shows these behaviours continuously, then there are reasonable grounds to suggest they might be either socio/psychopath. 

What is Psychopathy, and who are sociopaths? A Psychopath is someone born with the below-listed traits, whereas a sociopath is someone who learns them. They exhibit psychopathic behaviour merely by association with them. Underneath, their remorse exists, and authentic self exists, but they’re very good at burying it for the sake of “survival”. 

You’re most likely to meet this in a work environment where the only way a person can hold down the job is by living up to the standards of their psycho boss. They behave the way their boss wants them to.

They don’t like having to do it but are willing to keep him happy. Another area that offers us an example would be marriage. The woman clothes herself in her overpowering husband’s psychopathic traits as a means to emotionally survive the relationship.


They’re masters at exhibiting a particular type of charm that few of us would possess. They exude a specific kind of confidence that enables them to win over their victims. It’s a superficial type of charm that lacks a lot of sincerity. Flattering, engaging and smooth to the touch is a psychopaths impression upon others.


People with this mental illness view themselves as more important than any other created being. They’re ideas and opinions matter more than anyone else’s. Pretending to know more than they do, they will often plagiarize another’s work, feigning their intelligence. Often they will approach other people weaker than themselves to show them how amazing they are with their newfound ideas and wisdom. Gaining the admiration of others is their top priority.


They will lie and lie about everything, even the small things. I know someone who would lie about going to the toilet when truly they’d be going to the kitchen instead that’s how bad it was. They invent stories that they met these famous people and knew them well to gain their listener’s approval or sell them that product. Psychopaths are deceptive and so dishonest to your face. They tell lies with such a passion from the depths of their hearts that they’d almost convince themselves that they were telling the truth. 


I used to work in the sales industry, which is full of psychopaths, and I had to get out of it. We’d be selling a product door to door, and this salesman had the perfect liars pitch. He’d manage to swindle them out of large amounts of money and come out laughing and giggling. For the psychopath, to cheat someone out of money or successfully destroy them is a more excellent feeling than the orgasm derived from sex. To gain power over another individual is like they’ve levelled up and made it in life.


Psychopaths would make Ebenezar Scrooge look like a global NGO. They feed off the money of other people and never part with their cash or give to charity. In one hand they hold all knowledge of your finances, while the other hand closed because they keep all their investment a secret. 

Never a day goes by that they don’t fake poverty to everyone to gain sympathy so you’ll buy them a “pint of beer” at the bar. Sometimes they pretend they’ve left their wallet at home and can’t pay for the next round of drinks. They’re so cunning at saving money.

The Mask Doesn’t Last

Although very good at hiding their true self, the only way to unveil them is to use confrontation. Psychopaths are lovers of diplomacy, if you confront them about their behaviour to their faces in a very direct manner, then expect a furious response.

They’re unable of keeping their emotions in check and often fly off the handle very very quickly but only when the charm and all the fake crocodile tears have been unsuccessful. That’s it. You’ve discovered who they are. The mask has slipped, and so you can expect every demon of hell inside them to unleash their wrath upon you.

Psychopaths take many professions. Some of these professions numbered high on the list are Lawyer, surgeon, teacher, dentist, entrepreneur, CEO of a company etc. It begs the question that, if it takes a psychopath to do some surgery, are they needed? 

If an entrepreneur can build an entire city and encourage economic growth because the talent exists to do so, isn’t that a good thing? I would argue such traits exist in people who can keep their cool and be loving without the added slime that comes with being a psychopath

Do you or someone you know score high on this short list? Let us know in the comments and be sure to hit the follow button.

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