Lefty Liberals And Catholic Saints Have A Lot In Common

Image source: Public Domain
Collage: Stephen Bernard


Liberals and Catholic saints are much more alike than one would imagine them to be. I am not talking about similarities between Liberals and lay Christians, (most of whom resemble the world than they do their Catholic saints) but the real deal. 

In this piece, I intend to draw a comparison between liberals and saints to demonstrate what unites us and in this way, lead them to question more their existing concept of the world around them. 

While the average Christian in the pew is more about the liturgy and intellectual side of their faith, liberals have caught onto the same thing as the saints have. What is it? They’ve managed to tune into a world that’s broken. They sense that something is not quite right with the world around us, and their entire physical and intellectual self-image announces this truth. 


I see a lot of memes shared on social media that poke fun at liberals choice of dress and haircuts. Liberals often like to deface themselves in the sight of the culture because they don’t want a presentation of themselves as colluding with a world headed for ruin. 

They shave their heads, colour their hair and tattoo their faces. By doing this, they show their thirst for God; convoluted as it may express itself. There is this quest within all liberals to re-shape the culture around them because they’re tired of a world that treats each other inhumanely. 

The Catholic saints are the same. Many laugh at liberal images and say, “who will give you a job looking like that?” Francis of Assisi and Saint Clare who radically cut their hair in rebellion to the culture also had similar statements hurled in their direction. 

Some Catholic women saints even plucked out their eyes so as not to appear beautiful to men who desired to marry them. Other Catholic saints got rid of all their wealth, cute clothes, dressed in rags and walked off into the desert. They lived in caves; strong was their rejection of what seemed like the prevailing popular culture of the era.

Image result for punk hair
source: public domain


If Catholic saints and liberals have so much in stock, then what is the problem? Well, both groups appear to be the “remnant” of society, and yet only one is genuinely against the culture. Liberals are going with the “norm” and are like dead fish swimming with the tide. 

They’re not rebelling against anything, and if they are, it’s the correct version of themselves. Catholic Saints, on the other hand, are rebelling against the culture and on a journey to discover who they really are. 

Saints are genuinely the remnant even within the confines of their Mother church who persecute them while alive. Priests, laity and hierarchy all had a hand in burning St.Joan of Arc at the stake that’s how radical being a saint is. You mean to say the leaders of Christs Church did that? Yes, that’s how it is for many living saints today who are constantly ignored and berated by their fellow Catholics.

The rebellion of the saint is to repudiate all the lies popular culture has on offer. To radically crucify one’s ego to the wood of Christ Cross is the goal. The rewiring of one’s entire self is the golden prize God has in store for us. 

The secular culture sullied and conditioned our brains with the imprisoned philosophy of the world. The world they show us only gives the deceptive appearance of being free, but it’s more imprisoned than it imagines itself to be. 

To be stripped naked, nailed to the Cross in the presence of all, is what it means to be truly liberal. No longer are they at the mercy of the popular cultures stupefying and soul paralysing belief we can think for ourselves. We don’t think for ourselves, we think with whatever the culture has taught us so get that out of your head. 

Your mind has been shaped and re-shaped by those around you, and you’re only ever free to choose according to your conscience what is acceptable or not. Nobody ever really thinks for themselves. The mainstream literature even tells us another lie that it’s good to think for the self. 

They do it so that we become even more entangled in such illusions that Christianity restricts our freedoms. Why does it limit our freedoms they say? Because we must think with the mind of the Church and Christ whose the head of it all.   

To be clothed with the mind of Christ instead of the worldly one, that is true liberalism. While liberals and saints have much in common, sadly their concept of what is real sincere freedom is significantly at odds. In my opinion, liberals with their love of unfashionable fashion, who become distant from a culture they believe something is wrong with, are off to a better start. 

They are miles ahead of the Christians like us who sit in the pews who absorb and never question the culture around us. Our hand is holding the Cross while the other clings to worldliness. 

There’s no desire from Christians to dig deeper and radically change our lives around to the point of scorn by others. Liberals get the scorn that comes along with defacing their image, and even some of their leftist philosophies, but sadly it’s scorn for all the wrong reasons. 

For all their lefty philosophy, I’d sooner sit at a table with them than Christian conservative intellectual Catholics any day of the week. I believe the imagery and creativity is a God-given gift liberals possess. It is a gift that is being used to rebel against God, but a grace nevertheless. 

I see the love of God in them, challenging me to be more radical in my love of the Cross and repentance. I only pray daily, that they will reject this rogue rebellion they’re currently experiencing and join the real resistance found in the Cross of Jesus Christ. 

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