UK School Suspend LGBT Lessons Due To Protests Prove Equality Not Possible

Source: RT News
Image result for primary school birmingham protest
Source: Fox news

A British school in Birmingham have suspended LGBT lessons after 80% of parents keep their children home in protest.

The school are teaching children how others can have two mommies and two daddies, including transgender ideologies. They’re doing this in a bid to develop a non-judgmental environment where every child are considered to be equal.

Parents from various religious backgrounds and none at all are keeping their children home in protest. As a result of the ongoing tensions between both parties, the school has claimed it is suspending the lessons but not indefinitely.

I think this proves that the attempt to force everyone to raise their children in this world where we respect each others beliefs, doesn’t work. Most of us would quite readily agree that equality in terms of our human dignity and certain rights matter.

However, this story is proof that it’s gone beyond equality and ventured into the area of inequality. By forcing other parents to sacrifice their religious convictions to accommodate other ideologies that are in direct conflict with these, can we honestly call that practice equality? I don’t think so.

The concept of equality has gone far as to resemble inequality where the dignity of each human intellect is not respected and under attack. There is a need now more than ever, for us to accept our differences and begin celebrating our inequalities.

Both sexes get depicted as having similar biological and psychological traits. Women no longer desire to be women but want an equal footing on psychological and physiological terms with men. A denial to celebrate differences is one thing, but to force that kind of ideology on the children of parents who don’t is quite the other.

I believe that the political left has gotten a significant lesson here on how actual equality works. The image of an 80% protest of parents burned into their brains; it serves as a reminder that we cannot live in the version of society they consider to be “equal”. It’s not possible.

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