Reasons To Fall In Love With Rejection

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Rejection is bitter, horrible and unbearable. Too much rejection can drive a person insane and to the point of despair, urging them to suicide or others to commit other grievous acts. Why? Because they’ve been brainwashed and conditioned by society to behave like that. 

Every time someone closes the door in your face or says no to a reasonable proposition, you’re supposed to get upset. The boyfriend/girlfriend sends a text that you’re no longer loved by them is heartbreaking, and you should be angry. Ha! What a load of nonsense and if you buy into that rubbish that you’re supposed to get upset then you’re finished. 

Those are societies crazy rules. When you really believe in the emotional outcome of such a situation, then why be surprised if it comes true? What I mean is if you really think that you’re justified in getting upset because someone rejected you, then why be surprised when you become angry? 

There is this story of a tribe who banished one of their members. It was a common practice among the tribe to dismiss a tribal member who committed an evil act. He only went a distance of about 500 meters from the tribe. Guess what? He just sat down at the tree, and the banishment was so intense, he died from starvation and thirst. 

He could fish, cook and perform all the tasks necessary to survive the Jungle alone, but chose not to. Why? Brainwashed that’s why. He was conditioned to believe life was over when you’re banished and that you’re supposed to die. 

That is precisely what he did, sat under a tree and died. How many of us here would do the same? I mean we might hunger for a few hours and be upset, but we wouldn’t just sit down and DIE. 

Programming, brainwashing, conditioning whatever you wanna call it is a potent tool you know. The power it has over other human beings is entirely off the scale. It’s that powerful, many of us under the weight of rejection, like the tribal man, buy into the lie and we go off, despair and jump from a bridge. 

Every day we are reacting to something that isn’t real. We would all agree that the concept of being banished from a tribe isn’t genuine, right? Then how come we can’t see the emotional response to rejection the same way? It isn’t real, it’s an illusion, but our minds are tied to the ball and chain of something that doesn’t exist. Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

I bet you’re reading this now thinking. Wow, this guy really made it. He’s free from this over reactionary response to rejection. WRONG…so wrong. The conditioning and programming is that strong that we can only ever gradually diminish its effect, but I feel it too. 

However, after having discovered this fantastic reality about the root cause of such emotional responses to rejection, there’s more of a spring in my step. I want you to have that spring also. 

Do you want to know the secret to getting rid of your conditioned reaction to rejection? It may come as a surprise, but…you don’t do anything. Trying to get rid of such brainwashing is like shadow boxing the oxygen you breathe, pointless. You simply understand it’s root cause and over time, it will diminish all by itself. 

Rejection, on the other hand, is excellent. Picture yourself as a rectangle block of marble stone. Along comes a man whose name is rejection. He chisels away at you and its painful at first, but after a while, it begins to tickle. 

All of a sudden, the chiselling ceases, and he brings over a mirror for you to look in. You’re amazed at how beautiful you look. People from all over the world look at you in awe at the high image you’ve turned out to be. 

That’s the benefit of rejection. It’s painful at first, but once you begin to understand it for what it really is, begins to tickle. Before you even realize it, this person known as rejection is shaping you and it makes you beautiful. People are drawn to you because they see a real person who has allowed themselves to be sculpted. 

Therefore don’t take the chisel and sculpt yourself, that’s like a blind kid attempting to give himself a haircut. Allow the experience of understanding and rejection do the hard work for you, and before you know it, you’ll be beaming from ear to ear. Everyone will want to know your secret, and like me, you’ll be eager to tell everyone. 

Did this post help you? Let me know in the comments. Have a friend suffering rejection lately? Send them this post. 

4 thoughts on “Reasons To Fall In Love With Rejection

    1. I don’t think it’s that we allow ourselves to be convinced. We are more or less born into a cultural way of thinking and not given a choice. Therefore, when we begin a search, life becomes more or less about unlearning all that cultural junk that clogs up our lives.

      You’re most welcome.


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