8 Worst Places To Travel In 2020

It’s that time of year again when people will be planning their holidays in advance of next year. Here at mouse squeak, we’ve got you covered on where not to go.


I thought I’d be humble and begin with Dublin because I live here. It’s incredibly expensive especially Temple Bar region where you can expect to spend upwards of 7-8 euro for a pint. It’s very rowdy and doesn’t feel very Irish. You can expect to just be sitting there shoulder to shoulder with other tourists from around the world. In my opinion that’s hardly the Irish experience is it? If you’re looking for the real Irish experience head out to Killarney National park. Alternatively, you could pop around to my house for a cuppa tea, bit of a jig and it won’t cost you the world

2. New York City

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

How surprising it is to see New York City on the list. It’s one of the most visited cities in the world with an estimated 62 million tourists a year. The queues for over-rated attractions would drive you utterly insane not to mention the over-priced…well…over-priced everything. The fact that it has so many tourists means you’ll be shoulder to shoulder queuing up to see the grey and the bland.

3. Dubai

Prepare to spend most of your time indoors here as it’s home to 70 shopping malls. Do you like holidaying in doors? Then Dubai is the place for you, but worst for us.

4. North Korea

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

When visiting North Korea, you will need to wear a special chemical suit. Eyeglasses to be able to view their bright fireworks displays are likewise necessary…gets hot though. If you like a vacation where the chances of you not returning to your home country are high, North Korea ticks all the boxes.

5. Moscow – Russia

Image by Michael Siebert from Pixabay

The city without a smile, Moscow ranks high on the list of worst places to travel. For most people the greatest nuisance are the unfriendly locals. Russians have special classes given to teach them how to smile and be friendly. Under communism, smiling was considered suspicious. If you were caught smiling on the street, you were up to no good. It’s not their fault…really. In addition, they also have the highest traffic congestion in the world making it difficult to get around.

6. Egypt

Image by Nadine Doerlé from Pixabay

Egypt has such a rich history and culture that is praiseworthy. However, Forbes named it the worst place to travel especially for women tourists. There have been stories of men masturbating at blonde blue eyed women tourists in public on the street. There have also been videos circulating of live street rapes of western female journalists.

7. Mount Everest

Do you want to go on a holiday where chances are you’ll pay a high price just to walk to your grave? Expeditions to Mount Everest are averaged to be in the $100,000 region. It would be much easier, and more affordable to jump from an airplane without a working parachute.

8. Cuba

Image by Falkenpost from Pixabay

Cuba is a beautiful country and it enjoyed a big tourist boom in recent years. However, with the recent mysterious injuries of brain damage suffered by American diplomats, it’s best avoided.

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