Video: Is This Exorcism Psychological Or Genuine?


I’ve seen many recorded exorcisms from protestant evangelicals, Greek Orthodox and Catholic ones. Never, in all the videos I’ve watched on YouTube or Netflix that claim to depict this phenomenon, have I heard such a guttural supernatural voice as this. Either three things are happening here.

  1. It’s all an act, and the voice is something that is coming from the belief she’s possessed.
  2. The director has fooled us all with raw footage that’s been tampered with. He’s obviously had a sound engineer add some effects.
  3. It’s genuinely a possession. This voice is supernatural, and we need to just accept what we can’t explain is proof of another spiritual dimension we can’t see.

I highly doubt it’s number one. It would take an incredible actor to transform ones voice in such a fashion, that we could only ever conclude it’s a special effect. Is it special effects?

I mean, at the old age the director of this movie is, would it be worth his while? He seems financially comfortable. It’s quite possible to see that she’s present in that room and her unusual voice echoes the four walls. It would take a genius to pull it off.

I want you to listen to this video (if you’ve the stomach for it) and share with me your own thoughts regarding its veracity.

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