Depression Is A Blank Page

Image by Steve Johnson from Pixabay

Sometimes you feel like a blank page with nothing to offer the world and no story to tell. There’s no ambitious plans for the next 5 minutes never mind tomorrow or years to come. 

There are times when during a massive depression, you feel like you’re just existing and floating in the vacuum of space, serving no purpose to no-one. Go on! Close your eyes now and think about just floating in the cold, dark matter among the stars. 

How boring is it? The more you float, the more time you’ve got to think. And the more time you’ve got to think suddenly, a war of self-defeating thoughts slowly tightens its grip around your neck like a tropical anaconda. 

These painful thoughts of nothingness slowly swallow you whole, and you become paralyzed in the belly of depression. It slowly and painfully digests your very being. There is no air, no light, and no hope of escape. 

Someone must come and drag you onto their ship out of the dark matter and put life back into you. There’s a need for someone to emerge from the jungle. They serve their purpose by cutting you from the belly of the snake. 

I’m absolutely convinced that depression is not something you lift yourself out of, but are pulled out of by someone else. In our world of preoccupation with ourselves, we forget what depression looks like because we don’t have it

People are waiting for you to invite them to go for a drink, a walk or to the cinema. Nobody ever comes, especially when you’ve nothing to offer them. GIMME GIMME GIMME!!! TAKE TAKE TAKE!!! and then they discard you like the broken corpse you are and walk off with whatever they came looking for leaving you shortchanged. 

Hope exists, and there are good people out there, however, rare. Their hands are free from the stain of self-interest. They paddle around the endless void with a rope. 

They’re planning is to pull you out of the depths of depression. You only have to wait a little longer, suffer a little more and He…The One…will come and offer you his hand. You will walk on the waters of suffering with Him and laugh to scorn all the sadness. 

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