When The Blessed Sacrament Becomes More Important Than Jesus Himself

Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay

It was raining when I jumped into the car of a priest known well to me. He was a deacon but became a priest. I was meeting with him to collect my Bible timeline DVDs as I had loaned them to him. 

In my opinion, he’s a good priest. I don’t claim to have a spiritual sniffer, but I always sensed a very theologically balanced man doing his best to serve his community. He confided in me the hard time he was having with some parish people. The problem is that religion seems to attract the crazies and they end up on parish councils and things like this. 

Anyway, they were having some kind of celebration for someone, and they decided to have it in the Sacristy. The Sacristy is a separate room usually located behind the altar where the Tabernacle that houses the Lord’s mystical presence would be. 

Many of the more stiff-necked Catholics complained they were celebrating so close to the Holy Eucharist of Jesus in the Tabernacle. You see? It is right here when the Blessed Sacrament is more important than Jesus Himself. 

How about this story. I was in adoration one day before the Blessed Sacrament when a noisy man high on medication or drugs came in. He sat down but was mumbling away loudly. This irritated the people, and they asked them to leave. 

Here they are sitting before Christ Himself and then Jesus Himself in the form of this man walks in among them. What do they do? TELL JESUS TO LEAVE. It’s times like this that “my peaceful prayer time” and “the silence before the Blessed Sacrament” is more important than Jesus himself. 

We will have an awful lot to answer for before Judgment. I pray to the Lord for Mercy. 

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