I’m No Longer Sexually Attracted To You

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

I’m not sure we truly know what love is even me, but I’ll do my best to describe what it isn’t. A short description of what love is not can often take us up closer to the real thing. 

When a woman or man are tired of each other and the relationship, you often hear them say, “I’m no longer in love with you”. What a load of rubbish. You were never in love with each other, to begin with. 

You were only ever in love with the false image you drew of one another in the beginning. Essentially, what you’re now saying is, “I’m no longer sexually attracted to you” but you never loved them. 

Not for one moment did you ever see the real person standing before you because you were too busy painting them in glowing colours. And when they failed to live up to the picture you drew of them, they were given the boot. 

You used that person to satisfy the little thrill that you found within them at the beginning. When they no longer satisfied you, and like a child with a new toy, you got bored and discarded of the person. 

Now, like the little thrill junkie that you are, you wander into the darkness looking for a stronger drug. You meet another person who will satisfy that want within you. It won’t last because for as long as you’re using people for self-gratification, the gaping wound will always open up again, and you’ll be onto someone new. That’s not loving, it’s the complete opposite. 

True love is when we see someone for who they really are, not what we imagine them to be. How can we genuinely love another person, when, hypocrites that we are, the beam is still in or own eye? What I mean is, if we don’t see ourselves as the self-loving attention-craving, egotistical person that we are, how can we expect to see others for who they indeed are? 

We change the world by changing ourselves. 

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