Photo That Looks 100 Years Old Was Taken This Morning

I took this on my Polaroid instant film camera this morning. Minus the black frame one could be mistaken that it was taken over a 100 years ago. 

There is this tendency by our modern culture to assume that we are really trendy and have progressed. Looking at photographs like this reminds me of how there really is no such thing as progress with time. 

Photographs like this act as a screen into a past in which they, too, believed themselves to be modern. The Egyptian empire, Roman Empire and King Henry the VIII all viewed themselves as being members of a progressive society.

I think this idea that we are always progressing and becoming more distant from the “dark ages” is a sickness of humanity. Oh, we have better roads, sanitation and medical advances that’s made life more comfortable. 

They made progress in Roman times too and, probably sat and spoke about how advanced they were in comparison to the “good ole days”. However, the hatred, jealousy and desire for wealth and power never changes. “Where do we go from here? What next?” will always be the mantra of a culture suffering the delusion that it’s progressing and modern. 

We are not progressing. If anything can be said, it would be that the death of our existing culture is long overdue. There is this famous saying by Friedrich Nietzsche that, “God is dead”, but you know what? He isn’t. Friedrich Nietzsche is dead. The Egyptian empire? Dead. The Roman Empire? Dead. King Henry the VIII? Dead. People who lived in that now-abandoned home in my photo? All gone. 

God? Still alive and kicking. 

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