We Are Only A Reflection Of Truth

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This morning I took a walk with my Polaroid instant film camera. I wouldn’t consider myself a black and white person, but when it comes to photography, I love black and white. 

What I love about film photography is you only get one shot. With this in mind, a photographer, not being spoiled by the digital world, must be more thoughtful about each photograph he takes. 

Out of all the photographs I’d taken that morning, this was my favourite. It reminds me in the way of Monets Giverny. It’s a picture of a pond reflecting the trees around it. 

The reflection in the water looks like trees yet, it’s not the trees. It is a reflection of the trees. The same can be said of you and me. We are not God, yet made in His image. A sort of representation of the truth. All that we experience on this earth is but a reflection of the reality to come. 

Whenever we pray, it’s as if we are staring into a pond. There, in the depths of our hearts, we see a reflection of Gods presence. The more we strive to still the heart and mind, the clearer the picture becomes. When we sin, it’s like throwing a stone into the pond. It creates ripples that muddy the waters again, and things become unclear. 

It’s incredible what we can get from one picture. 

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