Ghost Story #1: The German Princess

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

It’s that time of year again when everyone will be telling their spooky ghost stories. Some will be of mythical nature while others based on the truth. I want to share with you a few short scary stories that are credible and based on good witness. 

These are people who came back from the dead, in search of prayer for their souls. Others came back to let their loved ones know they were in Hell and not redeemable. Before leaving, such souls left their “mark” never to be forgotten.

The German Princess & The Dead Priest

Eugenie Von der Leyen (1867 – 1929) was no ordinary German princess. In the dead of night, the fiery “Holy Souls” from purgatory would come visit her. What is purgatory? It’s a state of purification souls go after they die. 

They are called “Holy” because they’re saved and on their way to heaven, enjoying Gods blessed consolations while they await ascension into heaven. Prayers are needed by us on earth for the expiation of their sins that they might further this goal of becoming pure. 

The princess had this gift of seeing souls. According to her, she wasn’t scared. The princess did not enjoy speaking about her experiences. I guess we will never know why, but one such reason could have been nobody would understand her or see her as crazy. If it were not for her spiritual director who ordered she keep a diary of her experiences, nobody would have ever known. 

One soul who came to her often was a Dominican priest. He would stand before her his face unrecognizable and greyed out. He would not speak. This is a trait of the Holy souls who stand humbly, and never speak unless spoken to. 

In her diary, she says:

September 10. The Dominican is not frightening, but very often around. 

September 13. The Dominican is a father I have known well, a Frenchman. Was a long time with me, nodded assent when I started praying. 

September 17. I was very sad about something this night and cried. Then a hand was laid on my head. I looked up, it was the Dominica. He said: “Why do you weep?” I: “Because I am not content with myself.” . . . He: “Have confidence and be humble!

I: “How can I help you, then?” He: “By mortification.” Then he remained for a long time. Is not scary at all. It is the first apparition that began talking unasked for” (as previously mentioned, souls wait humbly until the person seeing them asks questions.) 

September 27. He was there for a long time. I: “Please tell me if we contemplate Our Lord at death at once.” He: “Yes, an awful shivering of the soul in adoration and then sinking away in purification.” I: “Aren’t you allowed to say more to me?” He: “No. The more you love God, the greater the beatitude, act according to that.” 

Their conversations went on like this for a few months. Even though the Dominican was in a place of purification and painful longing for God, he was able to say on Nov.2 that he was “doing fine”. This tells us that although not wholly desirable, purgatory is a mercy of God. 

Tomorrow I reveal to you Spooky Ghost Story #2 


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