Photo: The Precision And Beauty Of Nature

Camera: Polaroid Onestep+

I took a walk with my Polaroid at dusk. I wandered the ocean bed looking for a good composition. My film was expired, and nothing was coming out right, my heart filling with the anxiety of having wasted my money. 

I got bored, and suddenly, beneath my feet, I noticed another world that I didn’t see. I was so wrapped up in what it was I wanted to picture that I’d overlooked the better part. 

You may be busy at work, walking the streets to make that crucial meeting. Wherever you happen to be in this world, I want you to take some time out to examine the precision and beauty of nature. 

I’ve taken my camera to record what it was I saw, but did I really see it? When you look a beautiful tree, leaf or something considered boring and mundane like a cobweb on your kitchen window, ask yourself…Am I really looking? 

Contrast your emotions and what you feel when someone praises you. Contrast that feeling with being confronted by the scent of a beautiful flower or glowing sunrise by the ocean. Which emotion had a more profound effect upon you? 

Natures precise and disciplined beauty seems to reveal to us the more critical emotions and feelings in our lives. I invite you, the next time you take that walk…to really look. 

Capture the moment and allow the feeling you get to develop in your memory forever. Hold onto that, don’t let it go, it’s more precious and long-lasting than seeking the praise and opinion of others I promise you. 

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