Stop Seeking The Good Opinion Of Others

Image by eungyo seo from Pixabay

Today I read a timeless quote from the 4th century. I say timeless because human behaviour never changes. Apart from some cultural changes in language and what’s considered offensive or not, humans remain the same. The jealousy, egoism, anger, backbiting and gossip among the many other traits are the same.

Is it not excessively ridiculous to seek the good opinion of those, whom you would never wish to be like?

St.John Chrysostom, Homily III on the Gospel of St.John, 4th Century A.D

We’ve all fallen victim to impress that Father-in-law or CEO of a company to gain their admiration.

We go to great lengths to become like them, changing not just our clothes but our inner psychological garments too. Ultimately we surrender who we are either for egotistical gain or simply because we want to be productive and powerful.

Did Jesus not say,

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? 

Matthew, 16:26

By behaving in this manner, seeking a reasonable opinion of others, we wreck our very soul. The anxiety and paranoia we experience over whether or not we have someones approval unsettles us, sadly to the point of suicide. Like an old door on a barn, we become unhinged at the slightest breeze of a lousy opinion coming our way. 

Who walks into prison, shuts the door upon themselves of their own accord and throws away the key? Who would purposefully crush up glass and put it into a bowl of porridge to destroy their stomachs? Who would take a Lottery ticket worth 200 million, wipe their ass with it and flush it down the toilet? Crazy people, that’s who… Stupid people.

Who, then, allows other people to dictate their emotions or worse, beat themselves up with anxiety trying to impress others? Crazy people. We are all stupid, and the only reason we are not all in a mental asylum is because there’s far too many of us. We are born crazy, and we die mad. We are so mad that when we see a man with a bit of sanity, not allowing himself to be the slave of another’s opinion, we call him a nutcase.

It’s time to free ourselves from the prison we have locked ourselves inside of. We need to rewire the brain through repentance, a change of heart. You know what repentance is like? It isn’t shouting “JESUS IS LORD”.

He certainly is, but repentance is when you no longer view the world around you as useful anymore. It’s when you no longer see the world within you as being of any use. You’re now looking at God, yourself and the world in a new light. Only then does shouting “JESUS IS LORD” make any sense. 

You’re free from all that rubbish, and have now begun to take the computer chip they implanted within you to think this way and throw it in the trash. You’re now a free man. You no longer care if you get someones approval, God is in charge of the outcome. You’re no longer weighed down by someone else’s opinion, and you’ll be happy with or without it. No anxiety, no paranoia. 

Wow, free at last

Now… feel free to express your opinion this article below. 

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