The Car That Drove Away

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

I’ve been on the hunt for a new car recently. Our existing vehicle has needed a change for so long. The only thing holding it together right now is the dirt and grime. Yes…It’s that bad we named it “rusty”. 

I saw a new car online, decided I’d take it and so organized a viewing. I asked him to hold it for me, but he said he could not do this. On the way up the road, the man called me and said he’s just discovered it’s out for a test drive with someone, and I may be waiting to take a look. I said “fine”, but was already on my journey by the time he called me. 

I reached the garage, which is an hour from my home only to realize the car had been sold. The person who’d taken it for a test drive decided he’d buy it. 

It was at this point the anger began to simmer. I was upset, and the desire to confront the man who I’d dealt with over the phone rose like a tidal wave deep within. However, I remembered that God is in charge of all that takes place. 

It’s just a car, there will be many others like it. Sometimes the Lord designs these situations because perhaps the vehicle I was about to buy actually had problems I knew nothing about? It’s challenging to discern and spot Gods blessings but blessings they are. 

What would confronting the man achieve? Nothing would have changed the course of action taken, and I still wouldn’t have a car at the end of it. It was much more beneficial to view him with the eyes of Christ, and someone part of the fallen world like the rest of us.

Our hearts become so attached, not to the car or item, but the “desire” for it. If we only learned to trust in Gods guiding hand, even if such guidance requires a harder road, we’d be happier. 

Imagine the following: You’ve just wasted a journey to see a vehicle that someone else had taken from you. You’ve just spent an entire trip, time, money and petrol for what? Nothing. You have every right to be upset. Wouldn’t you agree? Well, the answer is NO…we’ve no reason to be angry. 

To be happy in whatever situation we may find ourselves is the only solution to anxiety and disappointment. When we feel such upset and anger boiling inside of us, we need to interrupt it with the complete opposite. This is what Jesus did, his Cross and death was an interruption of Evil, we need to do the same when God sends us these trials. 

Did I pass his trial? I’d like to think I at least got a C+

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