How Would You Like To Be Remembered When You Die?

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

Everyone has their little after death wish, don’t they? I’d like to buried at sea during the morning sunrise. I’d love for nothing more than “I did it my way” played at my funeral. Please bury me wrapped in the duvet I spent knitting for 80 years of my life. 

Today I spent some time with a man who said to me, “When I die I’m going to have something done so that none of my family will curse me or speak evil of me at the graveyard. 

Sitting in the passenger seat of his car laughing, I said, “Oh how loud the ego is that even after a person dies, they’re worried about how people will perceive them. Why do you care so much how people will view you after you die? What does it matter? YOU’RE DEAD. 

Do you somehow imagine yourself in spirit getting offended by uncle Joe making a pass on your now widowed wife? Oh dear. Whether dead or alive, the only opinion we should be concerned with is Gods opinion.” 

You’re dead now, and peoples celebration of your life isn’t going to save you. It’s not going to raise your place in heaven. When you’re dead, they’ll all be dancing and sharing the good ole memories of times spent with you in the past. 

Will they be praying for you? NO… Very unlikely. And as you burn in the flames of purgatory thirsting for any kind of grace you can obtain, there they’ll be all wrapped up in themselves with grief at your loss. 

When they’re singing Hell’s anthem at your funeral, “I did it my way”, only then will you genuinely be squirming with frustration at the lunacy of it all. But it’s too late now, you’re dead, and there’s no rewinding the damage done by the ego. 

When we die, there is no more ego. Our eyes are opened to just how dark and ridiculous the world is. It’s that dark, we’d prefer the flames of Gods purifying and merciful purgatory to living in the world again. 

Did you know that many Holy saints of the past wanted to be buried unknown? “Ah just throw me into the ocean or off a cliff. Bury me in an unmarked grave that nobody may come to glorify me even after death. 

When I die, if nobody is praying for me…kick them out of the church and send them away.” Who prepares for a funeral such as this? Virtually nobody yet every funeral I’ve ever attended in my 35 years of existence had nobody praying at the wake, the church or the burial. 

The point of this post is that I want you to get it out of your head. Get it out of your feeble little mind that you’re somehow interesting now never mind after death. 

What takes place after your death is of no benefit to you whatsoever unless it’s prayer. If you are going to prepare a celebration, make sure it’s plenty of people praying rosaries because you’re going to need them. 

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