Why I’m Reluctant To Teach My Sons Guitar

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I’m relaxing in my kitchen on a pleasant winters sunny afternoon. The steam from my ginger tea tickles the back of my sore throat, and I let out a cough. Soon after, the door opens, and my sons are about to make me gasp for air again. He (my 6-year-old) approaches me with head hanging in shyness. “I want an electric guitar for Christmas”.

My face melted with fear, and suddenly I got an image of myself at that age, asking for the same thing. I knew right well that Music is nothing but a silly dream void of any financial stability. It will get you into the wrong type of crowd, and just destroy you as a person. Even though a few people in this world have proven that view wrong, they still remain very small in number.

You will give Music absolutely everything you have, and it gives you nothing back. Everyone benefits from you from recording studios, guitar shops and record labels. What are you rewarded with? A pat on the back.

All this flashed before my eyes when he asked for a guitar. I just saw myself develop from that young boy, into my teenage years and early 20’s when I stopped playing live at the age of 23-25. I wrote some decent music, but I wasted my life thinking I was going to be some sort of rock star. It was a load of rubbish.

The other son asked me to teach him, and I avoided doing so. One day he comes down the stairs playing some chords on the guitar. “Where did you learn that?” I asked with utter surprise “because I didn’t teach it to you”. Proud as punch he said, “Like you… I taught myself. I used Youtube”. Apparently today, the internet is littered with guitarists teaching everyone how to play guitar.

Eventually, I had to smother the cynicism in me, and so I dusted off my guitar, brought it out and showed them a few tricks. I agreed to get an electric guitar for my youngest also. I contacted an antique dealer and bought from him a good one with amp and all for buttons. I’m convinced the soul of a good player lingers on old guitars and they’re always a good buy.

I hope it’s just a little phase at the minute because the bug of Music runs in the blood of my family. To be honest, it never really served any of us well either, but if it brings them some joy, then why not? I get to relive my Dad, showing me a few things through them. It’s my turn now to pass the virus on, I only hope I’m doing the right thing.

To hear my old music you can visit http://www.soundcloud.com/stephenmcelligott or you can click on the Youtube video below:

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