Why I’m Fascinated With Ancient Empires

Image by Souza_DF from Pixabay

Whether it’s something biblical, Greek, Roman, Egyptian or a story that ties them all into one great tale, I get entirely fixated upon ancient civilizations. Whenever I’m attending a museum of ancient Celtic warriors or mummies from ancient Egypt, I stand in awe. Most people may take a brief look, and they keep walking, but not me. I can spend several minutes just staring at the corpse of a perfectly preserved 3000-year-old man well maintained by the Irish bog.

My imagination runs wild, and I imagine how he might have died or his appearance in the warm flesh. This soul once laughed, cried and fell in love just like you and me. There might have been language, including cultural differences that would have separated us today, but deep down inside humans never change. The joy, sadness, envy, anger, lust and greed never turns.

Some say the greatest trick the devil ever played on us was to make us all believe he doesn’t exist. That may be true, but I do think the other method he played was to have us believe we’ve progressed, and become modern. I really can’t think of one civilization that never thought of itself as current.

Ancient Egypt thought they were modern architects, poets and artists. The Romans and Greeks believed the same as did much of Europe during the Renaissance. Right up to the present day, I cannot think of a civilization that ever sat back and thought they were not more advanced than the old. We keep on tripping and falling over the same old rope of a lie that we’ve really “made it” as a culture.

We often sit back, looking at the world of technology around us and think to ourselves, “where do we go from here?”. All the ancient empires would have meditated in pretty much the same manner.

That said, I can’t help but stress that, of all the advancing and progressing we’ve done for thousands of years, building and creating, we all hold one thing in common. All of us remain at the gates of where it all started because we’ve not advanced in holiness, human kindness and reverence of God, nor love of neighbour.

Every single person in the world is stuck. They’re frozen in time at a period when our first parents committed sin and passed on the disease. There we go putting men on the moon and talk about building a new civilization on the planet Mars when we ourselves can’t even get along on this planet.

We never see the bigger picture, always looking at our material advancements. It reminds me of that saying, “When the wise man points to the moon, all the idiot sees is the finger”. God and his saints have always been showing us the bigger picture. What are we doing? We are too busy looking at the finger, that’s what.

We need to break the illusion that popular culture tells us, namely that we are a much more intelligent and advanced culture than the old. What a load of horsefeathers, we are still the same yesterday as we are today and will be tomorrow. An advanced culture is one that has seen through such rubbish lies being fed to us by what we rock’n’roller’s like to call, THE MAN. Well…I’m tired of, THE MAN …aren’t you?

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