Don’t Post Your Children’s Christmas Gifts On Social Media

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

I don’t know why people feel the urge to post their children’s Christmas gifts on social media. It’s basically narcissism, egotistical self-love disguised under the form of presenting to the world their children’s apparent “joy” at being given the most expensive things on the planet. 

There’s no problem sharing a photo or two online of your family having fun, but when it gets out of control, there must be an underlying issue that needs addressed. I suppose the first, and most obvious danger is we tend to violate the sacredness of our family to absolute strangers. However, that’s not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that we are engaging in this battle to have peoples approval of us, and their little “pat on the back”. 

Always wanting peoples approval can not only cause mental problems for us but financial ones too. When we are needy of others approval, we are anxious lest we get it, and live in such soul-destroying anguish to become reliant on this “drug” of approval. Like alcoholics wake up in the morning looking for their fix, we too wake up with one thing on our mind, “how do I get the worlds approval today?”. 

It’s such a severe condition that we see parents at Christmas trying to outdo one another in their Christmas gifts for each other’s children. iPad’s, laptops, cell phones and state of the are 4K televisions are a perfect example, not of giving, but the throwaway materialistic culture we’ve allowed ourselves become victim to. 

What is the cause of this vicious cycle, wanting people’s approval and being depressed without it? The reason is simple, you were taught to behave this way from birth. I was watching star wars the rise of skywalker last night, ***Spoiler alert*** and C-3PO was asked to translate something from the Sith language. He said he couldn’t convert the word because it was against his programming. It was out of his control and so the entire team had to find someone to re-programme him again. 

That is what is wrong with us. It’s not YOU…IT’S YOUR PROGRAMMING. Simply understanding this won’t make you ego-free overnight, no longer needing the approval of the world. However, it will begin the journey you need towards allowing the Lord to reprogram you and achieving that goal. Reading articles like this that get to the heart of the problem, challenging your illusory perception of how the world works, will eventually become the path to the cure. 

There is another problem that we face. People reading this don’t want to be fixed. For you, the anxiety and comfort is all you’ve ever known. The thought of becoming a new person seems pleasing to you, but you’re programming is telling you, “It isn’t possible to live without the ego. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t thrive on another persons applause at the end of the show.” Don’t listen to that voice. Listen to the one that says “all things are possible to God”. 

Happy Christmas, make it a simple one by keeping your private world off social media…just this once. 

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