If Someone Handed You One Million $$$ Would You Take It?

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

You’re down on your luck. Life has never been so cruel to you lately. Someone with the worlds most compassionate and beautiful heart approaches you, and without asking questions, caring neither if you were a murderer or common thief, handed you one million dollars. What would you say?

Let’s be honest, unless you’re mentally incapable of understanding the nature of what is going on you’d be the first to jump at the chance wouldn’t you? If someone else were to turn their back on such a gift you’d be the first in line to hurl all sorts of admonitions at them am I right?

Put yourself in the shoes of the person giving the one million dollars. Imagine how they would feel if someone in a totally sound frame of mind turned around and said no to the million bucks? Go ahead, take a moment, and imagine someone you’ve never met until now, reject the offer. How did you feel afterwards?

This is exactly what happens when God approaches us with the gift of eternal life, and happiness with Him in Heaven. This gift is even more precious than a million dollars which is here to be enjoyed today, and gone the moment we take that last breath. One of the recurring themes throughout Gods conversations with his prophets, is his plea that if we only knew what it is he was offering we wouldn’t be so quick to say no.

Are we in our right frame of mind, when saying no? I don’t think so. I think human beings are so sick and tied to the world of what we see, hear, taste, and touch to ever comprehend the gift being given. Why? Because like with the million dollars, the prophets of today and of old are totally confused why anyone in their right frame of mind (which many are not) would dare to reject it.

A soul in debt to sin and blinded by the pleasures of the flesh, and their false concepts of Love and happiness, can never be said to be in their right frame of mind. It’s not that easy to accept a gift that suspends the laws of all we understand.

However, after reading this post, It is my hope you’ll at least reconsider, swallow your madness, and accept the bag of supernatural gold on offer.

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