The Imam, And The Boy At The River

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

An Islamic Imam once told a story of his day walking along the river in Afghanistan. He noticed a boy with two pairs of shoes. One of the two pair were obviously more expensive, and in better shape than the other. However, the man, instead of washing and cleaning the expensive shoes in the river, cleaned only the old tattered ones. The Imam asked him, “Why are you cleaning those ones and neglecting the better pair of the two?” “Because” Replied the man, “The nice pair of shoes was a gift to me, these ones I paid for myself.”

Take from that what you will, but this lent it’s obvious that many of us abuse the free Gift of Gods mercy. If we had to work for it, we wouldn’t be so quick to abuse it. When gifted a million dollars, we’re more likely to throw it all away, whereas when we work for it, we take great care of every penny spent. That’s the strange thing about the human condition.

John:4:38 “I sent you to reap where you didn’t work or suffer; others have worked and you are now sharing in their labors.”

Look how easy we have it? We can sin and run to God obtaining forgiveness as many times as we like, and yet choose not to. Instead, we are content with washing the good opinion the world have of us that we received through labor, than the free gift of Christ given to us through the Cross.

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