Test Your Friends And Find Out Who They Really Are

Long before I was Christian, when I was 17/18 years old, I had some friends like everyone would at such an age. I use to take great pleasure in testing them, to see what they’re really made of.

You can only imagine then, when the Lord brought me back to the Church in my early 20’s, how interested I was in the scriptural quotes and mystical writings. Advice about testing your friends and the Spirits really intrigued me. Testing oneself, removing the plank from one’s own eye, prior to taking the speck out of other peoples eyes, but it was interesting.

How did I test my friends as a teenager? I would take them to a restaurant, order an ordinary meal for us both, and then pretend I had forgotten or lost my wallet and couldn’t pay for the meal.

If they had money and refused to even loan me the money to pay for the entire meal, then they’ve failed miserably. I had a second test for the ones who genuinely had no money with them. Would they be willing to approach the cashier with me, and explain our situation together?

Mind you, during the meal I would up the stakes, and converse with them about how the restaurant we are in is owned by the Mafia. I’d describe a few scuffles I’d seen in the past between them in their private meetings together. I did this, to make the prospect of not paying an even scarier one, and pile on the pressure.

Would they stand by me? One friend, (we’ll call him Peter for now) did just that. When the opportunity arose for Peter to stand and take the heat alongside me, no further had we approached the counter when I looked up, and he ran out the door. I smile to myself, lift my wallet out of my jacket, and pay for the meal.

As I exit the restaurant, I spotted Peter as a small little dot down the end of the street. Years later, when I became a Christian again, I read that bit in the scriptures where all the apostles run in the garden of Gethsemane.

In times of great pressure they ran, and Peter denied Christ. It wasn’t that they were evil people. It wasn’t because they didn’t love Jesus. it’s because the sinful nature got the better of them. In a time of great pressure, where the prospect of being hurt presented itself, they, like my friend, ran. And lets be honest, we’ve all run from something under great pressure at some point in our lives.

It’s very rare to find someone of that caliber. But…when you do, regardless of his religious or non religious make-up, you’ve found a treasure.

Now that I’m Christian, having had to make sense of my conversion and life in Christ, I took to reading the books of the mystics, the scriptures etc, where I’ve discovered the need to test myself, not others. In doing so, this has greatly aided my ability to test others in a spiritual way, not to beat my breast at their failure, but more or less to help aid both my, and their journey in Christ.

And just in case you’re wondering, No, I no longer take people to restaurants anymore, and not pay for the meal. But you’re welcome to give it a go.

2 thoughts on “Test Your Friends And Find Out Who They Really Are

  1. Two ways to test someone true friendship with you is to say NO to something they want you to do, because anybody can easily pretend when you doing exactly what they want always. Second, if you’re doing most or all the giving in a friendship and the other person, doing most or all the taking in it, good sign you’re being used and the person is taking your kindness and good heart as a weakness..


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