What Does God Want From Us?

***Warning*** The following is a work of artistic endeavour, and private meditation by me only. It is not an actual conversation between one person and God and not supernatural. It is being used in the form of a parable/story to illustrate a lesson or point.

Love Me – A Story By Stephen Mc Elligott about one persons conversation with God following his conversion.

Master, You have awoken me from my deep slumber. As You wipe away the remaining sleep of what’s left of the world from my eyes, what, Lord, would you have me do for you?

Do you want me to climb the highest Mountain, and echo your name for miles?

God says, “No”

Do you want me to get a PHD in theology and study you?

God says, “No”

I know. You want me to preach to the whole world all about you?

God says, “No”

You want me to write you the most beautiful song?

God says, “No”

What, then, would you have me do for you, my Lord?

God says, “Love Me and Love your neighbour. Only in doing this, will any of your previous proposals make any sense, and bear fruit. Why climb the highest mountain and echo my name for miles, when love is missing from you? Of what use is it to become a theologian in the eyes of the world, to learn all about me, when you do not love Me? For to love Me is to be a Theologian. You may be dumb as rocks, having no ability to read or write, yet if you love Me, all the scholars and so-called theologians in the world combined would not even come close to your knowledge of Me.

Why use my name to preach to the whole world, saying ‘Lord, Lord’, and yet you do not Love me? Your melodies, when written and sung without love for me, dissolve like snowflakes in the lukewarm air, and do not reach me, your effort being in vain. Love me, and your neighbour. This is what I would command you.”

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

One thought on “What Does God Want From Us?

  1. Beautiful. Sometimes the most difficult, and but most powerful, thing we can do is to choose to live an ordinary which is focused on truly loving others. It may be unspectacular but it is likely to have a more profound and lasting effect.


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