Storm Corona Needs Our Cry Of Repentance

I’ve been reluctant to talk about the COVID-19 on my blog. One reason being there’s nothing I could possibly say that has not already been said, and secondly I’m sick of hearing about it.

What I have to say is rather short. Jesus has left us to fend for ourselves because the world doesn’t want him. The world that did nothing but reject him, taking him out of the schools and aborting his children. The ones who turned their backs on him to indulge in their earthly pleasures, now ask where is God?

The apostles cried out to Jesus for help. Instead of asking where God was and complaining about him in the third person, they simply cried out for His saving help. Unless Jesus hears from us a cry of repentance He will allow this storm to take it’s course complete with its casualties both good and bad. God is humble. He will not press himself upon a world that obviously doesn’t want him.

Cry out to the Lord, no matter who you are, and ask for forgiveness. Change your ways, and he will rise from his slumber and calm the storm. Without this cry of repentance we shouldn’t be surprised if it lasts longer than we imagine. It will be over soon, but not without having taken many people with it.

Here is a prayer of repentance and deliverance given to Vassula Ryden by Jesus for the world. Pray it from the heart, as if God himself is before you. Make an attempt to feel his presence, and pray with sincerity.

God bless

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