Reasons Why The Vatican Should Hold Onto Its Treasure

How Much Wealth Does the Vatican Control?

It’s an argument I have both made in my former days as a secularist, and continue to encounter today. The Vatican should sell all it’s riches and give it to the poor if it wants to imitate Jesus. Why do local parishes have to collect Church funds from us peasants to pay the bills? Why doesn’t the Vatican and all its millions and billions of assets, just pay for all of this?

In 2019, the Vatican made a net profit of $19.8 million dollars. There are currently 1.2 billion Catholics in the world all with local parishes. That money wouldn’t even be enough to build a Cathedral on one small plot of land never mind feed the entire world, yet the Church is still factually proven to be the largest NGO in the world.

Lets be honest here. Where is all the millions the porn industry makes? What about the billions of Euro in Facebooks wallet? You could argue they give charitably to some sort of cause, yet for all the money they have, in comparison to the little net profit the Vatican make, they are still not the largest NGO in the world. Interesting isn’t it? It gets better, keep reading.

People approach the Vatican with a communist mindset. it’s really quite scary, and no joke. I suppose you could argue that Judas Iscariot himself was the very first communist. In scripture he complains about the expensive ointment being used on Jesus feet. He laments that such could be sold, and used to feed the poor.

That’s how little regard he had for Jesus, who would be with him today and gone tomorrow. Jesus reminds him of the fact He will not always be with them in this world. He explains that no matter how much money we throw at the poor, we will always have the poor.

Jesus isn’t saying we shouldn’t give to the poor, it’s one of his commandments to us, but we shouldn’t expect to end the physical hunger. Right now he is being glorified by a woman with expensive ointment she reserved for Him alone, and that is absolutely fine, because in placing the Lord first in our lives, not only will he look after our physical hunger, but more importantly our spiritual one.

The buildings, paintings, artworks and treasures that the Vatican owns could be melted down. They could be sold off to feed the poor, but at what cost? From a human point of view, it may cure the hunger of some for many years, but eventually that money will run out. Then what? This communist way of thinking actually causes poverty, not cure it.

Think about this on a small scale. If I told you I’m going to sell my guitar and expensive camera, to feed my hunger, you’d call me mad. You would instantly recognize that at one point, I will run out of this money and will need a steady income to keep on surviving. Unless I want to become a parasite on humanity and become a vagabond, I’m going to need to contribute to the economy, and get my affairs in order, right?.

It’s a similar principle to the Vatican giving up its treasure. The buildings, the paintings contributed by famous artists. All of this is the “ointment” that every Catholic in the world, rich and poor want to rightfully pour upon the feet of the Lord, now risen in His Kingly Glory. We recognize that giving it all away won’t cure poverty. It won’t alleviate the local parish heating bill for long. Eventually we will run out of money, and then what?

For many of us whose minds are tied to the world, curing physical hunger takes precedent. Let us not forget, however that the Catholic Church offers relief from this, but also relief from the spiritual hunger. I’m suddenly thinking of the temptations of Jesus in the desert.

The devil asks Jesus to turn stones into bread, but Jesus reminds him of the greater hunger, that man doesn’t live by bread alone, but every word that comes from the mouth of God. By turning the Vatican city walls into bread, it won’t cure anything at all, just alleviate an eternal problem.

Instead, we must allow God to turn our hearts of stone into ones that are ready to accept Christs Body, the Bread of Life. In doing so, we then are capable of untying our minds from the world, and be able to focus on the true bread that really satisfies.

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