Political Christians Are A Problem

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Political Christians are a type of group within the Church who focus all their energy on social doctrines like abortion, gay marriage, and so on. While all Christians are called fight these pernicious doctrines being exposed to our future generations, it leads many to neglect more serious parts of their faith. More than often, such people end up never changing who they are as people. Everything becomes centered around the churches social doctrines alone. It’s the only thing that motivates them.

They firmly believe that the only way to convert a country and make it Catholic again is achieved through politics. A new political party of about 10 members will sort this whole mess out is what they firmly believe. We all have a love for our culture, and our traditions. How our country was formed, and the men we remember who sacrificed their lives that we may continue to live in a free, and Christian society.

The political Christian, however, takes it to the extreme. They take it to the point where it becomes something they worship in addition to Christ Himself. I read a quote by St.John Paul II in one of his encyclicals in a theology class. I can’t remember exactly the encyclical but I never, ever forgot the quote from it. He said that while culture is a gift from God, and can be used as a tool to evangelize, we must never forget that God is above the culture.

There you have it. When we place the culture either above or on par with God it’s a great sin. When we exert all our energies into changing the world via politics, neglecting the better part of listening to God and changing who we are, we do ourselves a great disservice. One could even say the idea that we can make the world Catholic again through politics a sort of heresy. In heaven there is no culture. There isn’t going to be some Irish guy in the corner doing a tap dance and singing the national anthem.

The Lord wants us to enjoy the gift of culture for however long it will last. What He doesn’t want is for us to become so engrossed in it that we identify ourselves with it. We enjoy it to the point where someone insults our country, we are not phased by it at all.

We don’t become offended. You know someone goes too far with culture when they get offended over someone insulting them to their face even if it is racist. So what??? who cares??? I DO…BECAUSE I WAS PROGRAMMED TO THINK THIS WAY. SOCIETY TAUGHT ME I MUST DEFEND THE FLAG AT ALL COSTS. hahaha!!! What a load of rubbish. It’s rubbish isn’t it? You’re insane, that’s what you are. You’re a slave to a political ideology that will disappear when you’re dead. For some they will wake up to it in this life. For others they will remain asleep in their ignorance until they face the Lord. That’s the way it goes I’m afraid.

The world can only be changed by seeing the light of Christ. That light of Christ is shone through us, but only if we let it. The manifestation of Christs light is hindered by our human ignorance. Politics, like money, is a necessary tool in the world. We need Catholics in politics to help shape, and protect our culture. But what we don’t need is Catholics who measure the world, and church through a political lens. We don’t need Catholics who falsely rely on politics, and not the power of God to get us there. We don’t need militant Catholics who identify themselves totally with a flag, and some culture to the point of being willing to kill for it. That’s breeding ground for lukewarmness.

We change the world by changing ourselves, remember that. By trying to change society through politics all you’re doing is rearranging the furniture, and setting society up for another mess in 100 years time. If you really want to change society start with YOU. If everyone loves God then that society who embraces him, and isn’t forced upon by Him will love Jesus indefinitely. The cycle from liberalism to conservatism to liberalism will come to a close. There will be no more politics, just Christ, and his Church.

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