Forgetfulness Of God A Bigger Virus Than Covid19

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Throughout the scriptures we see a very common theme. From Genesis onward, Israel forgets the Lord. They forget really big miracles the Lord worked for them, miracles supposed to satisfy the demands of the modern atheist. These are the people whom the Lord fed manna from heaven, who saw the miracle of the red sea. They saw the works of Jesus Himself and yet one of the twelve still betrayed Him.

In the Old Testament, we see a recurring cycle of Israel, forgetting God, building their golden calf, worshiping other gods, and then being punished. The early Church fathers in their Holy texts explain how forgetfulness, laziness, and ignorance are the three big giants that stand in the way of a relationship with God. I suppose they could be wrapped up in today’s deadly sin known as “sloth”. The sin of sloth is to show a great indifference towards God and spiritual things.

The world today is no different than that of yesterday, both on a personal level, and global one. Christendom has gone through its own cycle of closeness to God, and then forgetting him. We are now in the forgetful stage. Inside and outside of the Churches walls, people are being like Esau who sold Jacob his birthright for a bowl of lentil soup. These Esau’s in the Church have begun to treat what is Holy as common. They handed over the Lord to the modern world, compromising the doctrine of the Church for the gain of a perishable clap on the back coupled with materialist attainment.

My own country Ireland has legalized abortion, gay adoption, and taken a wrecking ball to the traditional meaning of marriage. Like Israel, they’ve lost their minds and forgotten the Lord. In Israel we see that the next generation behaved godless. Why? Because there was nobody to teach them. They grew up not knowing the Lord, and so as would be expected, abandoned his ways.

This is what happened Ireland. The elderly generation who, throughout their lifetime forgot the Lord, choosing to follow a sinful life, did not pass on the faith. As a result of this the youth grew up without God. In Israel the Lord comes along with a punishment designed to provoke repentance. Things go well for 300 years or so, and they’re back to square one again. It’s the human sinful condition, one which we’ve repeat in our times.

I do believe that the Corona Virus is part of that punishment now designed to inspire the world to go inward, and contemplate their actions. Will they listen? If the incredulous behaviour of our ancestors before us is anything to go by, probably not.

We’ve turned our backs on the Lord, and now he’s turned his back on us. Would you hang around someone who didn’t want you? Would you offer help to those who hate you? I don’t think so. Why expect God to do the same? God, who is the source of all humility, has decided to respect our wishes to live a life without Him. But He is always ready to help if we cry repentance.

Daily remembrance, prayer, knowledge of God and his laws are required to combat forgetfulness, laziness and ignorance. Even on a personal level, we can forget God, and abandon Him. Lets not stress about those who abandon God and are making life difficult for the remaining believers. Instead we should as St.Paul instructs “Work out our own salvation” focusing on that which is within our control.

God bless

One thought on “Forgetfulness Of God A Bigger Virus Than Covid19

  1. And all of Christianity is guilty of it, so COVID-19 is the discipline God promised in His Covenant. The worse is yet to come….be blessed and not deceived.


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