Why Multiculturalism Is Racism Disguised As Racial Tolerance

I bet you read that headline and thought to yourself, “What kind of insanity is this?” Everyday you’re told that people who disagree with a multicultural society are simply racist. Therefore, I don’t blame anyone reading that headline with a sense of great unease. But what if someone told you it’s the opposite way around? I’m about to explain to you how multiculturalism isn’t a modern concept. In fact, the idea of cultural replacement with another culture is the oldest trick in the book. My post deals mostly with the destruction of European Christendom. In particular I focus on my country Ireland.

The idea of cultural replacement is a concept as old as the Bible itself. In the book of Exodus, one of Pharaohs reasons for dealing with the Hebrews harshly was because of their increasing number. He said that because they’d become so numerous, they could over take Egypt and erase his culture and national identity. They were numerous enough for that kind of rebellion. His cruel way of dealing with this problem, was to throw all their firstborn males into the river Nile.

In a Scottish movie Braveheart, the King decides he’s going to have his soldiers be the first to have sexual relations with each newlywed in Scotland. He said, “If we can’t kill them all, we’ll breed them out of it”.

The Assyrians did the same with Israel. When they invaded Northern Israel, they exiled a lot of them, but the remaining Israelites stayed. Assyrians took the people of 5 nations they’d conquered and mixed them with the remaining israelites. These people of different nations took their religions with them, intermarried, and then the Jewish identity in the North of the Kingdom was all but forgotten. The result was Paganism, the erasure of the Jewish heritage and the new Samaritan sect.

Does any of this sound familiar? Europe, until around 50 years ago was largely Catholic. The enemies of Christendom which include but are not limited to the Freemasons, have always planned to destroy the Catholic Church. Many of these elite people work in high positions not just in secular politics but also within the Church itself. Most if not all Freemasons are from a background involved in Business and politics.

Take a look at Ireland as a perfect example of how this works. Up until 20 years ago, Ireland was desperately clinging to its Catholic and national identity. The sexual abuse within the Church really was a demonic masterpiece. It helped fuel the fire of an elitist group of anti-Catholics to unfold a decade-by-decade plan. That plan? To remove brick-by-brick Ireland’s Catholic culture, heritage and national identity.

To eliminate from the constitution Christian inspired laws such as that which illegalised the killing of the unborn, divorce, contraception, and gay marriage was important. What helped this along was the introduction of opening our country to “Multiculturalism” disguised as racial tolerance. It was an irresistible sales pitch thrown at Europe. When this occurred, hordes of other nations with different religions suddenly pitched their tents in our country. The result is a country like that of Israel in the time of the Assyrians, gradually losing its religion.

We lose who we are as a nation and are replaced with a new identity. There’s intermarriages of Islamic men and Irish women, some of whom indulged in terrorism. There’s rampant worship of Chrystal’s, Reiki, Homosexual activity. Basically everything and anything goes. But when a nation turns into an “everything goes” country it loses its sense of moral direction and purpose. Our recent change in abortion and gay marriage laws are a major reflection of how well a melting pot of different religions and cultures can achieve such heathen conditions.

In the end, what it means to be Irish is changing. We have successfully been duped by the elite and our country erased. Now THAT is what I call racism. To enter another country and effectively wipe out it’s national identity and religious heritage is a major insult to the people of that nation. It is not only an insult to the people of that nation but also to the people of other nations you’re using to do it.

I am not saying that people of other countries and national origin cannot live here or are not welcome. Before these open borders came in, people of different countries did come and live here, but it was a controlled environment to ensure that it was not at the cost of our nations identity. What we have today, is multiculturalism en masse where the idea is to use other people, take them from their wonderful heritage, and plant them in another country under the disguise of giving them a better life. But they’re a pawn in the larger game-plan of the elite, who want to rid my country and Europe of its Christian past.

The Assyrians did it and were successful, now the elite behind the curtain of darkness where we can’t see them are doing the same around Europe. It’s important to note what I’m saying is only a diagnosis of the sickness. My post isn’t a cure. The only cure will come from the people who repent or directly from God. I’m afraid we’ve reached a level now where the Lord will have to intervene and bring us back to him. We need to pray for a miracle and an end to the real racism and danger facing Europe.

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