Here Are The Five Little Things That Irritate All Of Us

You can do all the Zen eastern meditation you want. You can go to Church and beg for a release from the things that irritate you, but guess what? Sometimes, we are just never going to be released from them. Usually I’m a pretty quiet person but there are some things that bring the devil out in me so much that I act completely out of character. In this post I list the five things that really get under my skin. Perhaps you can relate or would care to comment with what brings the devil out in you?


The Noisier the eater the more outraged I become. It tickles a part of my brain that brings out the worst. I could be sitting on public transport, and an old man with big hairy nose and dentures is chomping on his packet of crisps. The sound of his loose dentures chattering as they eat, and inability to breathe through his nose while eating causes severe trauma to my ears. I actually have to leave, and if I can’t it feels like Hell on earth.


I have two wonderful children, but the high pitched jarring sounds they make when playing or fighting drives me wild. This is especially painful when I’m engaged in an activity like writing music or articles like this one. My brain cannot function. I’m prevented from being able to balance the screaming and the ability to spin the wheel of creativity in my head. Whenever they scream or interrupt my writing I become like a wild dog in a junk yard.


I get very depressed and irritated when my dinner table or living space is loaded with junk. Clutter is what pulls me into the underworld of inner rage. What adds to this rage are people who look at it, and do not clean it away for days even months. I once went into a mans home to sell him something. There was cats everywhere, and clutter. He was such a lovely and kind soul, but boy was he dirty. mental illnesses can allow this to happen, and it’s sad so I make provisions for those people. But those who have their insanity intact who dare to act this way rarely escape my wrath.


Sadly, I have met few children from wealthy backgrounds that have ever made a good impression on me. I have met one or two nice rich people, not necessarily nice because they give their money away but just down to earth humble people. For the most part, however people of wealth always become what they love. Finding someone decent is rare in that social class.

If you love money, you become cold and hard as the change in your pocket. Children from these backgrounds who have had everything handed to them literally have the most irritating personalities known to mankind. I recently discussed dogs with someone. It was regarding the legislation in my country restricting the ownership of dangerous breeds of dog. He said, “It’s not the breeds, it’s the owners the legislation makes no sense”.

The same is true with these types of kids. It’s not so much them as it is how they were raised. It’s unfair to vilify the person when the parent who holds the keys of responsibility is to blame. And it’s the parents former parents who are in part responsible for who they are. It’s a vicious family cycle. They really believe themselves to be successful and hard working, when they’re an absolutely diabolical failure in life especially with regards to human relations and Love.


There are those out there who like to embellish and fabricate their stories with exaggerated lies. I know that people do this because they’re desperate to have the drug of human approval. Other times men do it to literally to gain the trust and respect of shallow women. They find it so impressive that he had tea with the lead singer of Pink Floyd back in 1976 they’re willing to jump into bed with him.

People who try that crap with me are easily separated from my life as one separates the recycled garbage from the trash can. If I want to listen to a good fictional audio book I’ll buy a good one. I don’t have the time for an unedited uninteresting string of embellished stories because you can’t be satisfied with your uneventful weekend.

The need to throw a bit of flavour in there to make things interesting for yourself and those around you is nauseating. “and then…I met Bono, and we exchanged bodily fluids and did a line of cocaine together. And then…the next morning out of the spare bedroom out came John Travolta dressed in the same flares he wore in Saturday night fever and we did the boogie woogie over a bowl of cornflakes.” Ah gimme a break pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. People like this can’t be trusted.

Well…that’s it for now. These are the five things that drive me insane in the membrane. What are some things that drive you to the edge of insanity?

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