How To Overcome Your Depression

Feeling a little blue lately? Has somebody told you that you need to do something about it? Medication, workout and getting some exercise are good tips to relieve the depression, right? But did you discover that even with medication and all the burpees and sit ups in the world you’re still depressed?

Well have I got news for you!!! You’re now at the stage where you need someone to show you that you’re depression is not cured by doing something about it. You don’t need to do anything to get rid of depression. All that workout is good for the system and medication helps, but it offers only temporary relief. Taking medication is like standing in sewage up to the nose where you can just about breath, and asking the world not to make waves. That’s no good. . . you need someone to lift you out of that mess right away, and I’m here to offer you a hand.

How is it one can stop being depressed by not doing anything? By understanding the depression. The great thing about my advice is you don’t have to climb a mountain. You don’t have to swing an endangered monkey by the tale in a remote jungle somewhere. All you need to do is understand that YOU are not your depression. You need to stop identifying yourself with the depression.

You are experiencing a depression right now, and there’s a period of understanding and unlearning that needs to be done. You need to unlearn all the rubbish they (the world) taught you that led to your depression. Things like, “you’re supposed to get upset, it’s in your nature”. “When someone shouts at you, you’re supposed to shout back …it’s only human.” “When you lose your job and have no direction in your life you’re SUPPOSED TO BE DEPRESSED”.

In the latest star wars movie C-3PO can’t translate a particular language. Poe says to him, “You can translate over 1000 languages but you can’t even translate just this one…why?” He answers him, “It’s not in my programming.”

You see? You’re programmed by the prevailing culture around you to think this is normal behaviour in response to a traumatic experience. You’ve been programmed to believe that when someone insults you, you need to get upset. If you don’t get upset you’re not NORMALLLLLL BLAHHHH

They’ve wired you to believe you NEED people in order to function as a member of their world. You NEED friends. You NEED to be depressed in the absence of all these things. Oh and by the way… here are some pills and an exercise bike for when you need relief and can’t cope.

There’s self help books on the shelves by others teaching you how to win the approval of others and get successful hahahahaha. What an idiotic and upside down world we live in. You know what it means to be successful? Not caring what others think about you. No longer being at the mercy of their bad behaviour or this depression. Is it possible? YES. How? Understand the source of your depression.

What trauma did you experience growing up in your childhood and teenage years? Look at how you were taught and wired to behave in that situation throughout your life that has led to this depression. Don’t try and rewire yourself, just understand the existing programming for what it is. Eventually by meditating on this alone, great wonders will be at work within you. You’re mind will begin to take shape all by itself. It’s like putting water into a dirty bucket along with some Moss. The Moss acts like the filter and does all the work.

Come face to face with your aggressor. Look at him not with anger, but with Love. See this aggressor for who he really is, not what you were trained by the culture to see him as. Pretty soon you will realize that this person acts this way because he too is a victim of his programming. His heart has been sullied by a world addicted to evil. It’s not easy, I know. At first it will seem impossible because the programming in you that says this person needs every fibre of your hatred will suddenly begin to panic, but only because it realizes its losing you.

Now come face to face with your depression. Say to your depression, “You are here as a result of my programming. You exist because my brain was wired to have you around when things aren’t going well for me…but…all is already well and undiluted happiness is there for the taking always. The idea that I need you was something taught to me by the culture around me. I am no longer at the mercy of you. I know, that you will always be around, but by simply meditating on this alone I can finally distance myself from you.”

You see? You’re not doing anything, just understanding who you are and how you were made. That is all you are doing if anything at all. When this occurs, your pills that offer relief will find themselves at the bottom of a bin, and a new YOU will emerge from the underbelly of this cruel world. Everyone and everything will seem amazing to you.

The people who deride you will no longer have the power to control you emotionally because you’ve severed the tie, and no longer are programmed to be upset. All of that has changed now. In fact people like this will be a blessing to you, and you will see them with a love that swells greater than the depression that went before it.

Hang in there, stop climbing mountains and swinging monkeys tails. Simply begin to understand how it is you work, and like the ocean shapes the rock overtime, so too will you gradually begin to take shape.

God bless.

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