Should The Church Ban The Latin Mass?

Pope Benedict in recent years has lifted the restrictions to the Latin Mass. There is no doubt that this Mass is very reverent and peaceful. I myself even believe that the Priest in the ordinary form is facing the wrong way on the altar and that such directions were not in Vatican II.

I have a lot of problems with the ordinary form not as it was instructed by Vatican II but as it was abused by a progressive expression of theology. Therefore, any Latin mass going Catholic should not view my post as one that paints all attendants with the one brush or that I don’t like the Latin Mass. Nothing, absolutely nothing could be further from the truth.

My problem with the Latin Mass is that I’ve noticed it mostly attracts people on the verge of leaving the Church for the SSPX. It seems to attract a lot of anti Pope Francis supporters. As if having one liberal extreme in the Church wasn’t bad enough, we now have the opposite extreme that swings to the dangerous cliffs of the right.

There is a danger, that if the Church permits the Latin Mass to be celebrated by the public and not by clergy alone, of creating a subjection within the Church that is cult like not just in appearance (some of them dress like it was the 18th century), but in mindset as well. It becomes a place where they get to live out their opposition to the Pope and the ordinary form without having to absolutely leave the Church, and don’t have to reform themselves.

Some priests are using it as a means to stop people leaving the Church, kind of how the Eastern Catholic Church is often a net to catch those on their way to the Orthodox Church. But what this inevitably does is pour fuel on the fire of an existing problem. We are not just a Church that saves souls but transforms them. Some priests seem to be content with simply exercising the former while neglecting the latter. This should never be allowed, and it’s happening all around us right now.

Yes, it kind of ruins it for the well balanced Catholics who don’t have these traits. They’re not attracted to the Latin Mass because of these things, but for the most part, Catholic Latin masses have become a club for the fundamentalist mind with a desire to form a sort of fraternity club of people that shares their ideas and concepts. And they’re using the Latin Mass to do this. If we allow that to grow, we could do more damage to souls, causing more problems than we actually solve.

It is for this reason that the Latin Mass should be celebrated behind closed doors by the clergy only, until the Church revises whether or not to allow it to continue would be a good idea.

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