Don’t Listen To People Who Tell You To Become A Saint

St.Carlos Acutis

That headline may seem quite provocative considering the Church asks us daily to become saints. But I’m telling you in this post not to become saints but to become another Christ. There are many of us in the Church who chase “titles”. There’s something troubling about a person who wants to be a saint. It’s usually tainted with the sneaky pride of wanting to be remembered and venerated after they’re dead and gone. It’s a journey that becomes about them and not the Lord.

We have Catholics creating YouTube channels, websites, organizations in the attempt not just to develop for themselves a cash flow using the Church, but notoriety among their Catholic peers. There’s a desire to be noticed by the Church, in the hopes that one day they will be remembered by her as some great saint who converted and made a lot of waves around the world with their story.

In my opinion, people who want to become saints trouble me. There is something troubles me about someone striving for sainthood as it’s often tainted with intentions and something that makes them less of a saint. Even the notion that one becomes a saint simply by founding some organization is ridiculous, and the now disgraced founder of L’arche who was hailed as a saint following his death is evidence that you don’t.

In my opinion great Saints are people who don’t want to be remembered but forgotten about. They don’t want others to notice them, but Christ. St.Anthony the Great asked to be buried in a secret place so nobody would dare come and venerate him. That’s what a saint is. They’re rarely the founders of anything, and live a quiet life.

Take for instance the recently canonized teenage Saint Carlos Acutis. He had some website that displayed Eucharistic miracles. He probably had about a few clicks a week of people coming to visit his site. He lived a quiet life and accepted his death from cancer quite calmly, leaving the world without a fuss, but with a great love of God and good character. That’s your role model right there, that’s what we want to be like.

That’s sainthood. But you know what? The best saints are yet to come. they are the ones who escaped the notice of the Church even after death. Our prayer should be, “Lord, I only want you, and nothing else”. WHO WILL REMEMBER ME WHEN I’M DEAD? hahahahaha as if it even matters or changes your outcome in the eternal life ahead of you.

Our final prayer should not be, “Who will remember me?” but “Who will remember Christ?”. Our sorrow should never be that we will be forgotten, but that Christ is already being forgotten and will continue to be absent in the minds of his brothers and sisters long after we our dead until He comes again.

Never tell people to become like saints. Why? because there is a danger that they will look for this sainthood with prideful intent, and end up chasing the title not Christ. It takes the focus away from Jesus and onto themselves.

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