Three Things You Shouldn’t Let Your Dog Do

Image by Alan Smith from Pixabay

#1: Don’t Let Her Sleep In Place Valuable To You

Dogs are pack animals, and it’s important that they see you as the leader of that pack and themselves at the bottom of it. By allowing them to sleep in places such as your bed, couch or even the entry to a hallway, they will end up seeing themselves as being in charge.

#2 Don’t Allow Them To Take Charge Of Activities

Allowing your dog take charge of when it’s time to play or eat their food isn’t a great idea. The dog must always know that you are in Charge of the food and playtime. You let them know when it begins and when it has ended. Therefore, never allow them to begin or be the one to end the activity.

#3 Your Dog Must Not Be The First Out The Door

Always make sure your dog from a young age knows who the boss is. Allowing them to be the first to take the lead when you open the door for them to go outside is bad news. It must be made clear they are not the leader in any instance. First leave the house and then call them to come.

Remember, the behavioural outcome of a dog will almost always depend upon how the owners raise them.

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