21st Century: Is Journalism Dead?

Image by memyselfaneye from Pixabay

Journalism used to have a lot of integrity. A long time ago long before I was born, journalism was a well respected profession. Today, with the birth of the digital online world, anyone can crown themselves a journalist and spin that record to please their own ears. Yes, fake news is nothing 21st century and is as old as the pyramids. People have been spreading rubbish for centuries, but the profession in the last 10 years has taken a real turn for the worse.

I think the reason for this bad turn towards the dark side has mostly to do with the birth of social media and DIY websites. Mainstream news was bad enough for serving us stories with a tinge of their own agenda. Now we have a million DIY news websites doing the same. In my opinion, journalists that advance their own political agenda have lost the trust of the people they’re supposed to serve.

Instead of having a balanced media platform, news groups are so openly biased that they’re now labelled by the public as being either left leaning or to the far right. In America Fox News is seen as pro conservative and CNN as pro left to use but one of many examples. They’re no longer places people come to get the news, but now serve as a stage used by self serving journalists to advance a political goal. Wealthy donors secretly buy the news, and by using money control elections with it by making sure they do their best to promote one political candidate over another.

Instead of democracy we have a dictatorship where both right and leftist media makes democracy and freedom to think for oneself seem long forgotten. The very notion that the media and celebrity culture now shape the minds of the public is proof that we presently live under a democratic dictatorship. I honestly never thought I could put those two words together and get away with it, but I just did. You’ve the freedom to choose who you vote for, but the fact the media have helped dictate and influence your decision makes that feeling of democracy a comfortable illusion.

Social media with it’s numerous home made news services and YouTube Channels have only added to the problem. Then, as if these people were not bad enough we have big tech like twitter and YouTube banning these folks. Why? Because they’re not saying what big tech wants to hear. Everyone is serving their own political interests and it gets really nauseating at times. So what if David Icke (their most recent victim) is spreading his opinion that the Queen of England is a shape shifting Lizard from outer space? What are you my parent now? Can I not watch this and decide whether or not to take it seriously myself?

Ok so his channel was taken down for spreading fake news on 5G being responsible for coronavirus. But who is fact checking the fact checkers? Who is YouTube to suddenly decide what is fake and what is not? I mean, take a look at the media, they report fake news and people flood into the supermarkets as if it were the end of the world thanks to them. How come they don’t get taken down? Who will hold them responsible? Nobody.

Even though both conservative and liberal voices spread fake news, sadly the mainstream media has won the war on this one. They have the monopoly on liberalism, and so the conservatives who don’t get a voice are forced to use YouTube. YouTube and mainstream media gang up on them calling them conspiracy theorists and ban their channels. It’s not fair, I wouldn’t like to see it happen anyone, but what are we to do? We are powerless because we are pleasure seeking individuals who live for the self. As long as our bills are getting paid who cares anymore right?

We are helpless because we are so brain dead. Watching this play out before me on my TV screen is like watching a murderer continue his crimes without any accountability towards anyone. The news is dead! The coffin of a once noble and honorable profession called journalism has been laid to rest a long time ago. Welcome to the age of utter confusion and the race by every media outlet to persuade us of their political agenda. We now live in a “Us vs them” scenario. This is war, and we the people are mere collateral damage in an ongoing struggle for political power.

Bye bye democracy.

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