Are You Tired Of Reading About How To Get Happy?

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

We’ve all been there before where we’ve engaged in reading about how to be happy. There’s an incredible market out there that wants your cash with the promise that they’ll give you a recipe that will make you happy. One book has an entirely different philosophy on happiness when compared to others. In this post I will demonstrate that happiness isn’t something you get at all.

Don’t get me wrong, we shouldn’t feel bad about the search. It’s good that we are searching. The idea that we are looking means we’ve taken the first step. Finally, there is an urge within us to step out of the sewage we’ve been sitting in all this time, in search of pure waters to be cleansed of the gunk. What is not to like about that? But in our search we are vulnerable to a whole plethora of religious beliefs and philosophies.

Everyone, has got the monopoly on what it means to be happy. In the beginnings of my own search for God and truth I meddled in just about everything spiritual and philosophical from Buddhism to witchcraft. Believe it or not, the thing I should have tried first became the last of them all, and yet was the keystone in transforming my life. It was the Christian faith I was baptized into.

Christ taught me that you don’t DO anything to become happy. You don’t GET something. Happiness is not a fleeting thrill you get from biting into a bar of chocolate or a beautiful sunset. It isn’t some gift in a lucky bag at the dollar store. You have happiness already, you just have to be RID of something. Could you imagine the frustration of telling someone who was looking for their lost ring that it was already on their finger? Now you know how I feel. Happiness is a state of being that you already possess.

Have you ever been cleaning out the house and in the process found what it was you were looking for? How much joy was there in you? In order to find it you had to get rid of something. You had to clean house and then… there it suddenly was. The item you were looking for was always there, but in your frustration to look for it, you found yourself even more unhappy in the process. Eventually you gave up and let it go.

This is what is required of us when looking for Christ who is happiness in itself. Do you remember when Jesus says the Kingdom of God is within us? Yes, it really is, but like the diamond among the rubbish, it isn’t until we get rid of the rubbish do we find Him. The reason we read books about how to be happy and yet come away never being happy is because we keep thinking we need to read books to get happy. You may be even feeling comfortable reading this post of mine now, but that will pass and you will be unhappy again.

We need to quite literally take a shovel and uproot the weeds of what the world told us is happiness. Money, friends, human approval, the drug of self esteem. They tell you without all this you can’t be happy hahaha. What a load of RRRRUBBISH!!! That is like handing someone a shopping cart full of meaningless trash and telling them that without this trash they won’t be happy. And so it goes, you wheel around the shopping cart full of trash and wave to your neighbour who also has her shopping cart full of meaningless trash. The more people you see wheeling around the trash the more you begin to see it as normal and even necessary.

If someone like myself were to come along and take your trolley full of trash you would cry your eyes out and defend it with your life. You’re out of your mind, and you don’t even know it. You’re a lunatic and have never had anyone awaken you to that fact. And that is the first step, realizing that you don’t want to get rid of your trash, and discovering you’re a lunatic. Ohhhh give me my human approval, give me my self esteem, give me my car and my house and my business. The only reason the entire world isn’t in some mental institute is because there are far too many of us. Nutcases the lot of us.

I bet you didn’t wake up this morning and expect to be called a lunatic did you? It isn’t great for your imaginary self esteem is it? Is that what you want to be? A little monkey that when someone twists your tail you react with joy, twists it a second time and you react with sadness? You want to be a slave and give in every time a person pushes your buttons? Then you’re a looney.

Think you need friends and that without them you can’t be happy? You’re a looney!!!

Think you need the human approval of others in order to walk out the door every day of the week and cope with life? Then, yup, you’ve guessed it…. You’re a looney.

You go ahead and walk around with that trash, but don’t expect me to take it from you. Oh no! I’ve been there tried that and I’ve got the scars to prove it. You’ve no idea how hard it is talking to someone who won’t let go of what the world has taught them. As I quoted the bible two days ago on my previous blog…you shouldn’t correct a mocker, all you’ll get is insult in return.

“Hey, can I help you get rid of that trash and get cleaned up? Would you like to be happy?” “Get lost you idiot, you try to take this trash from me and we’re gonna have problems” See? Never teach a pig how to sing, it only wastes your time and it irritates the pig. You have an addiction! You’re a pleasure seeker! You want to stop rolling around in the mud of your ego and stop being a pig? Then you have to be searching and I don’t simply mean browsing but actually searching. If you’re not ready to clean out your house, I’m not going to suggest giving a hand. Forget it, I’m too busy trying to clean my own house.

What if you are ready? What if you’re reading this post and you thirst for some of that living water Christ offered the Samaritan woman? Then it is enough to know that you need to begin stripping your body of everything that is contrary to the Gospel and then nailing yourself to the Cross and quite literally crucifying yourself to the world. Doing this will uncover the real you. There will be a sort of freshness in your soul I PROMISE.

Stop reading the books that tell you to get something, and begin reading the books that tell you to lose something. Stop approaching the people who charge you money for trash, and begin to engage with those who take nothing from you, yet give you everything.

I’m going to drop you a seed here from a person who earns nothing from her books so you can’t claim it’s a sales gimmick. This book changed my life forever. This book is the keystone being rejected by all, It’s called TRUE LIFE IN GOD . In fact, if you’re reading this, and are genuinely searching, send me a message and I will dig deep and buy the book for you.

You are loved. The fact that you are searching means you’ve responded to Gods call to discover who you were always meant to be not what you were taught to be. Respond to his call to live a True Life In Him, A True Life In God. Go now! Ride like the wind ya big looney for sanity lives just around the corner. I shall write no more, as this cup of coffee isn’t going to drink itself.

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