What Did Jesus Look Like When He Walked The Earth?

For centuries Jesus has been depicted in icons and paintings around the world in various styles. The film industry has often depicted him as being a tall, handsome and strong Man. But is the clean cut shampooed Jesus really what he looks like? Far from it. Recently the Vatican released a 3D carbon copy of Jesus taken from the shroud of Turin. You would think that this would be an accurate depiction as it’s taken from the shroud of Jesus right? Wrong. It’s grossly inaccurate. Jesus body is swollen and disfigured in the shroud of Turin, yet they show him as a muscular man and present the image as an authentic one of how he looked before the Crucifixion.

He was beaten for hours and hours, of course his body will be swollen and disfigured. Have you ever seen a woman’s face beaten to a pulp by her abusive husband? I have, and the poor girl, who was so slender before, now looked unrecognizable. Her face was so “fat” with fluid and her eyes hidden behind the swollen eye sockets from where he beat her so much. I honestly can’t believe that they neglected to take all of this into account when making their carbon copy of the shroud. What we are looking at is a carbon Copy of Jesus showing us his swollen Body, but we are not looking at Jesus how he really looked prior to this.

Jesus was a tall slender type of man. Unattractive, and very skinny from all the fasting he did, and the austere life he led with the apostles. When I say unattractive I don’t mean he was butt ugly, only that he was not attractive by what the world would consider attractive to be. Some people propose that because he was a carpenter or did other manual labor he would have had a lot of muscle. That’s not the case at all.

I and other men I know did rock climbing, hiking, work with a chainsaw etc etc, and I was so skinny you could see my ribs. The men working with me were so thin that I was more worried about their weight than my own. But they could hold onto a ledge and dangle from a great height because their muscles were strong, but they were not strong in appearance.


I decided to check the scriptures and then read the entire passage in its original Hebrew language. I combed through it word for word taking the keywords that I thought necessary. Here is what Isaiah says when prophesying about Jesus (KJV translation): Isaiah:53:2 For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

The Hebrew word used for “comeliness” is “Haw dawr” which means there’s no magnificence or a sense of overpowering glory about him. In fact the Hebrew for “There is no” just prior to “beauty” is “Lo Lo LOH” which is basically “NO NO NO beauty” when read word for word. By saying “NO NO NOOO” Isaiah is really emphasizing here He (Jesus) is not some hunk of a man. And again a different word than comeliness is used for beauty which is “Mar-eh” and it means “handsome” or beauty of “appearance“.

Then the word “desire” from the Sacred text quoted in Hebrew is “chamad” (khaw-mad”) which means to delight after and lust after something or someone.

We can deduce from this, then, that Jesus was not some overpowering handsome man that may be “desired” and lusted after, rather he was totally the opposite. He was so totally the opposite that Isaiah couldn’t emphasize it enough by saying “LO LO LOH”. That is the same in English as saying NO, NO (and then) NOOOO. I can’t emphasize this enough (pun intended).

It is crucial to make a note here that Catholic biblical scholar George Leo Haydock (18th-19th century) notes people have two interpretations of this passage. One is the interpretation I’m giving now, and another that it speaks of Jesus disfiguring body after death. However, the passage refers to Jesus growth in appearance in real time and does not reference his disfiguring body after death. This would explain the reason for him looking unattractive by worldly standards in His appearance.

In the beginning of the text Isaiah says, “For he shall grow up before him (the Father) as a tender plant (baby Jesus), and as a root (Jesus) out of a dry ground (Blessed virgin Mary): he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.”

It is obvious that Isaiah is describing the growth of Jesus from Him taking root in the Blessed Virgin Mary, growing up as a plant before his Father and the world. Isaiah is no doubt following that up with how he will appear to the world as he grows. It has nothing to do with how he will look after he dies.


The Catholic Church has a long history of private revelation and apparitions. For some it troubles them that one seer paints Jesus this way, while another paints Jesus another way. People then conclude that neither seer has actually seen Jesus and the apparition cannot be true as there is conflict between both visual accounts. This is not true.

We must remember that Jesus can manifest himself in ways that the person can relate best to Him. Jesus will often appear to someone according to what that soul needs to both hear and see. He knows us so intimately.

In Catholicism, Our Lady often appears to children looking Spanish or Italian or Japanese according to their culture. Why this is, I don’t ultimately have the answer for. I don’t understand why Jesus doesn’t appear to everyone as how he was when He walked the earth likewise with Our Lady. But we can speculate that Jesus wants to be so close to His people that he will often imitate that persons culture in how he appears to them, just as he did when he came to earth. Could you imagine the Jews accepting Jesus if he was born among them looking Japanese?

There are lots of images of Jesus that we know for a fact look nothing like him. From Orthodox icons to Catholic statues and paintings there’s nothing conclusive yet we still worship them. Why? because They are images blessed by the Church and blessed by God for worship. Even though I know Jesus looks nothing like the shroud often used by True Life In God, it is one of my favourite images of Him. I feel very close to it, even though I know it’s not what he looks like, yet in a strange way my favourite. I have many images of Jesus on my icon wall and all of them are loved by me.

So we shouldn’t reject a private revelation simply because it presents what it saw of Jesus as being contrary to how he really looked on earth. Nor should we jump to conclusions that because their depiction of Jesus differed in appearance to another, that this means either one or the other seer is telling lies and have seen nor heard nothing.

The Risen Christ

Jesus is now Risen. Now beyond the grave, and in Heaven he is God and can manifest himself how he pleases. He is no longer limited to or bound by how he looked as He walked among us. He is no longer the unattractive man with no comeliness about him. HE IS RISEN! AND THERE IS LO LO LOH UGLINESS ABOUT HIM.

God bless you my friends, please pray for me.

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