Saying No To Grace And Being Content To Suffer

In this post I want to explore the idea that we are often handed liberty by God but refuse to take it. We once possessed a great love for God, but overtime it dwindled because our failures became overwhelming.

I use a scene from Star Wars in which Luke takes his old light saber from Rey and tosses it behind him into the ocean. He explains he’s come to the island to die and suffer his failure towards Kylo-Ren whom he’d trained for the Jedi but whose trust he’d lost, and with it the entire Jedi order. He remains to be the only last Jedi.

Instead of accepting his failure, Luke hides away on an island to live out his life and die. It’s pretty depressing stuff, but what may seem like a fictional story for some, is true for most of us. We find ourselves in this story as the ones who have given up on God, our Church community and identity. When the Lord sends someone to bring us back to our senses and be a part of that community again, we reject the call, and toss it over our shoulder.

When we are weighed down by the cold block of ice that is depression and despair, we are not in our right minds. Rejecting someone who is handing you 5 million dollars would be an act of madness right? Well, Jesus is offering us something greater than that. On a plate is eternal life and a royal crown to be alongside him in his Kingdom and we reject it. If the former was an act of insanity, surely the latter is one of complete lunacy? But very few of us think that way.

In my opinion, when we are either in this state or know someone of this nature, all we can do is wait. Patience, prayer and a willingness to hang around and not let go of that person until all is well again is crucial. In the Star Wars movie “The Last Jedi” that is exactly what Rey did. She waited and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Eventually the hard heart of Luke begins to soften up, the cracks now showing who he really is, a person full of hope not despair.

But, what if Luke were allowed to live on that island with no visitors? Surely, he would die, right? We must never allow the person to withdraw to that island. We must visit them in their cold and depressing isolation, to offer them the “Light” of Hope. Who cares that they toss it over their shoulder? Go in search of the light they’ve discarded and try a second or third time. Eventually our loved ones living in such despair because of their failures will begin to accept the light. But if we don’t visit them in their time of darkness and great need, what will become of them?

Always remember that our success in our relationship with God and that of others is always shaped by our failures. Nobody ever ran a successful business or maintained a good marriage without a few minor to major failures throughout. If you are that person currently stranded on this island of despair, I hope this article becomes that light for you. Don’t be afraid to take hold of the light and come back to your sense, to who you were always created by God to be.

May the force Lord be with you. 😉

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